April 11, 2014

Babywearing Q & A

I am often asked questions about babywearing since I openly share how wearing my third child has been a life changer. I decided to post and see if anyone had any questions for me on my social media, and the same few questions appeared more than once.

1. What is the best carrier for a newborn?
I started wearing my firstborn with a Baby Bjorn about a decade ago. One day, when she was about four months old, I accidentally pinched her little wrist when I was buckling the side straps. I didn't put on another carrier for about eight years, when my third child was five days old. I went with the Moby Wrap because I really didn't know what my options were with a small budget. I later discovered HAPPY BABY WRAP, which is similar to the Moby, but without so much awkward fabric. In those early days when you can't remember the last meal you had or when you last got more than a couple of hours of sleep, tons of fabric tangled around you and your baby can be overwhelming. Actually, being tangled even when not sleep deprived is still super annoying. Go with the Happy Wrap for those new babies.

2. What carrier(s) do you use, and why?
Besides the Happy Wrap, I am a huge fan of wrap conversion ring slings (WCRS) and the ERGOBABY CARRIER. My son (pictured above) was five weeks old when I first used a WCRS, and I felt like I had him secured to me in a soft baby blanket. Wrap conversions are just that- they are long baby wraps converted into something else. I prefer WCRS because getting a baby out of the infant carrier and wrapped close to me only takes a minute. Literally. And once you've done it a few times, it only takes a few seconds. WCRS are my go-to carriers for quick trips (think: grocery shopping, doing school pick up with older children, eating at a restaurant, etc.). Some people use WCRS for long trips, but for anything that takes more than an hour or so, I prefer an Ergobaby. I once wore my Ergo for seven straight hours. Granted, that was a day trip to Disneyland when my little guy was happier nursing around the clock than doing anything else.

3. How do you breastfeed in a carrier?
I prefer nursing in the Ergo. Unless you really peer into the carrier, you won't see that I am nursing. With the Ergobaby carrier, you can lower the straps a bit so that baby is in an easier breastfeeding position. There is a hood on the carrier that conveniently snaps to cover baby's face if you need some more privacy. I took this photo to show what it looks like nursing without the hood. (Notice Franky's expression.)

4. What can you do if you are big-chested?
I can only guess that this would be uncomfortable for babywearing in the front, but truly, I'm not sure. I want to say that I recommend a back carry, but there are so so so many different options and carries available with wraps that I'm sure something out there is perfect for bigger chests if you choose not to back carry. See a list of different carry styles HERE.

5. What is the best carrier with a face-forward position?
I have only used the BECO GEMINI with outward-facing, but I am super excited about the new ERGOBABY 360 CARRIER! I have tried it on, but can't give any opinion because I wore it briefly without a baby inside. I have a feeling that those who love outward-facing are going to love this one! I wasn't in love with the Beco as an outward-facing carrier because it felt really narrow- like my baby was in the carrier the wrong way. Wearing him chest-to-chest in the Beco was super comfortable, however.

6. Are there any carriers that fold up small so that I can keep it my purse?
A WCRS is always tucked in my purse. And by "purse" I mean DIAPER BAG. (Linking because it's the best thing ever.) A wrap (like The Happy Wrap or a woven wrap) could also be rolled up and kept close if needed. CARRY ME AWAY is a great resource for products.

7. My baby/toddler is tall and heavy. What do you recommend?
I have heard wonderful things about a carrier called a TODDLER TULA, but truthfully haven't used one. When Franky gets bigger and heavier, I promise to tell you what I'm using!

8. Your baby is too old to be worn!
Babies and toddlers are pretty good about letting you know when they are unhappy. Do what works for you.

Happy babywearing!


  1. I love the photos, you look great like always! I always loved my moby wrap and ergo baby. My littlest I could probably still shove into an ergobaby but my back wouldn't like it too much ;)

  2. gorgeous. :) I love my Boba - very similar to the Ergo. My 2nd baby, Asher, literally lived in the Boba for the first 9-10 months of his life because he was a colicky/needy baby. Lifesaver.

  3. These are great tips! I have three kiddos and ended up wearing my 3rd kiddos the most...more out of necessity ;)

  4. Seriously. These pics are the sweetest!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing
    I have been inpsired to share my journey with Huntington's Disease.
    I would be honored if you would follow as I share my blog, and heart.

  6. love the photos...great to know that "heard wonderful things about a carrier called a TODDLER TULA, but truthfully haven't used one. When Franky gets bigger and heavier, yu promise to tell us what ur using!..Good luck... from babies