Friday, January 24, 2014

Mama Style: Vol 1

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law came over in the morning and told me that there was a yard sale around the corner with clothes that I would like. I have zero shame in admitting to wearing second hand clothes. There are so many treasures in my home that are vintage/antique- all second hand. I love things that have been a little loved. And I love a bargain. Win/win if you ask me.

The yard sale ended up being clothes from a local eighth grader. And guess what? I bought her jeans for fifty cents and wondered how parents bought children such expensive pants. I paired my yard sale pants with a sweater from a local clothing store that was $24.00. Old slip-ons and basic layering tanks.

Mama style: the super budget-friendly look.

Happy day to you, sweet friend.


  1. That's a great deal! I love to find the perfect clothes at a yard sale. But it doesn't happen very often. The outfit is cute.

  2. I Love yard sales/thrift stores, i've found so many treasures over the years! One of the things i LOVED about living in Southern Cali was that it was yard sale season ALL YEAR ROUND! Practically heaven for me ;)



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