Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our family picnic.

Everything in the above photo is c/o of Maclaren

Over the weekend, we visited my husband's uncle's house for a family picnic.
My mother-in-law has 13 siblings, so getting family together is usually pretty easy- someone is always hosting a dinner or getting together for a movie night.
I grew up without any local extended family, so having my kids grow up near their cousins is really special to witness.
The house we picnicked at is dreamy- lots of land, a hill overlooking the neighborhood, horses in the backyard, a tree swing... pretty much everything hard-to-find in Southern California.
I love their home.
And I really love their company.

I served lunch in Mason jars- strawberry shortcake, jalepeno and peach turkey sandwiches, and ice cold lemonade.
(Recipes coming to the blog soon!)
The Red Pannier that Maclaren sent me to test out was perfect for keeping drinks cold, and their Magazine Tote was perfect for hauling everything for the picnic up the hill.

It was such a lovely day...
Now please excuse me while I go figure out exactly how much ad space I need to sell in order to have horses in my backyard.


Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. These photos are lovely. Looks like a wonderful time.

  2. I need a picnic basket! I love picnics, but hate dragging around an ugly cooler.



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