March 28, 2013

Sumo wrestler plastic bottle bowling pins.

Hi everyone! My name is Leslie and I blog at Pink Stripey Socks

I'll be seeing you every month as Kimmie's new craft contributor.  (Thanks Kimmie for this opportunity!)  I'm a stay-at-home mommy by day and a crapter by night.  Crapter?  Say what?  Yup.  You read that right.  I'm a bona fide crapter.  I love taking junk and turning it into something beautiful, fun, and (hopefully) useful.

Today I'm going to share a super simple crapt with you:
Sumo wrestler plastic bottle bowling pins. 
Ack!  Too cute....

My toddler Chuck is currently in a destructive phase.  (To all the wise parents out there- does that stage ever end?)  I thought it would be nice to make him a toy that could somehow harness his destructive powers (if only for a little while).  

Here are the materials that I used:

- Plastic bags and paper bags (to cover and protect my work area)
- Plastic cup
- Stirrer
- 6 clean, dry, and empty plastic bottles  (You could also use 10) <-- crap!
- Craft paint
- Paint Brush
- Sharpie marker
- Mod Podge
- Foam brush
- Ball
- Optional:  hairdryer

1.  Cover your work area.  Put a smock on your kid to protect his clothes.  (I totally forgot to do that... eek!)

2.  Mix up your peach skin tone color.  (I combined red, yellow, and some white.) Make sure you have enough paint to coat the insides of all your bottles.  

2.  Once your paint is ready, pour a bit into each bottle.  (You don't need to entirely fill the bottle, you just need enough to coat the insides.)  Cap your bottles and shake them to evenly distribute the paint.  (Chuck had a blast doing this.)

3.  Uncap your bottles and pour out any excess paint.  Leave the caps off and let the paint dry overnight.

- Most of my paint dried by morning.  However, some areas were streaky because paint had pooled at the bottom of the bottle.  I ended up trying three techniques to fix that problem:  (1)  I used a hairdryer to help speed the drying process, (2)  I tried letting the bottles dry on their sides to coat the streaky bits, and (3)  I dipped my finger into the bottle and tried to coat the streaky areas manually.  By the end, my bottles were about 95% coated and 5% streaky.

4.  Cap your bottles.  Now it's time to paint the outsides!  Use black and white paint to paint the top knot and mawashi (white diaper-looking thing).  Then, use a Sharpie marker to draw on a face.

 5.   Protect your paint job with Mod Podge.

- Initially I didn't do this, and paint started majorly chipping off after a couple of rounds of bowling.  Bummer.
- Mod Podge has helped to protect my paint job.  But, after two days of hard core playing, tiny bits of paint are still chipping off.  To really prevent this from happening, you could probably use some sort of spray on sealant.
- Chuck is pretty good about not putting things in his mouth, but if your child isn't, then you should definitely watch him while he plays with the pins.

6.  Enjoy!

Hope these sumo wrestlers bring a smile to your face.  We've used them as bowling pins for the past couple days and we still have a blast trying to knock these little guys down.

You can always check Pink Stripey Socks for more crafts like this one.  See you next month!


  1. this is such a fun and enjoyable craft. Im pinning to use in the future when I have kids. NEVER change you're url cause I'm gunna need this! lol. hopefully sooner than later.

  2. Too cute/creative/resourceful.

  3. Those are so adorable! And perfect for the destructiveness of toddlers :)

  4. Hilarious! These are awesome. My Stella bear isn't destructive, but she would get a kick out of playing with them alongside her Little People sets! xo, Eva

  5. We've just been talking about getting our little man a bowling set. I love the idea of making them!

  6. I'm here from wonderforest. Love your blog. and these bottles are so cute!! <3 Hugs from Italy!

  7. What kind of bottles did you use?

  8. Were do you get the bottles? I have never seen them.

  9. One more question regarding the bottles. Awesome project. Thanks.

  10. One more question regarding the bottles. Rad Project. Thanks!

  11. Wise parent says: they leave home to destroy their own stuff then they have toddlers who destroy their stuff who then grow up and leave home to destroy their own stuff and the circle of life continues....

    Love the bottles, hope to find them up here...I'll have to make some for the grandkiddies and work (I work with preschoolers). To be inclusive have each sumo dude(tte) be a different colour! (that oughtta use up bits of leftover paint).

    Great idea! Thanks for posting (found you through Pintrest of the week!)

  12. what really intrigues me is what bottles are those....we never such shapes in here!

    1. Aquapod bottles. I just found them at my local grocery store.

  13. OMG! Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing this. I'll do this next weekend with my 2 kids. Clever trick on coating the inside of the bottles. Adore this craft!

  14. OMG! Absolutely amazing. Adore it! I'll do this next weekend with my 2 kids. Clever trick on coating the inside of the bottles. Thank you for sharing this online.

  15. What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of recycled bottle crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

  16. We are trying to locate these bottles in our area and we are having a very hard time. Any help or suggestions on where to find them would be so appreciated. I would so love to make these for my grandkids.

  17. too cute! I would have to have someone save me bottles as we do not drink sodas.

  18. Love this idea. We featured it over at Hint Mama in our roundup of 7 easy & affordable toddler activities:)

  19. HELP! Do they make Aquapod bottles any more?? I pinned this on Pinterest - went to make it - and can't find Aquapod bottles anywhere. I know I've seen them in the past, but maybe they are out of manufacture???

  20. I'm thinking I'll try and use this almond milk plastic container we ge at Gelsons. It's much larger, more like real bowling pins, and doesn't have the cute feet of your bottle, and the black top knot hair will be huge because the neck of the bottle is long... But the bottle has a fat tummy which could be perfect.

  21. Question:
    What do you think about putting dry beans or rocks inside the bottle for weight and dramatic sound impact?
    Too rough on the paint?
    I'm thinking if using the plastic almond milk bottles we get at Gelsons.
    They are the size of actual bowling pins, they don't have the cute feet like your bottle, but the do have a nice fat belly that should look cute.
    The top Knott black hair will be huge since the neck is long...
    It's worth a try.