February 15, 2013

New readers.

I'm Kimmie Ess.
The above photo was taken the one and only time that my hair did what I wanted it to do.
If you ever hear my name or "Sugar and Dots", I want you to envision the above photo.
Do not picture this photo:

That's what I look like 99.9% of the time.
No makeup.
Hair up.
Roots showing.
Too lazy to put on a bra.

This little blog started in January of 2010, and for the first year, I had about 200 readers.
I didn't network and pretty much had zero idea what blogging was all about.
From 2011 to today, I have found my voice and have decided to blog from my heart- whether that makes me popular or hated- my words are straight from my soul.
Most of the time my words are sarcastic.
And always typed out as I think; in sentence fragments.
If you ever meet me in person, my words are usually similar to that of a sailor, and I quote lyrics like it's my job.
The best part? 
I listen to vulgar rap.
So yeah.
There's that.
People usually assume that I am confident because I stand tall and have zero volume control.
It's actually the opposite- I'm just a tall person.
And I'm just loud- I never mean to draw attention to myself.
If you ever see a tall blonde rapping in public loudly... look away.
Nothing to see here.
 I'm a sensitive mama.
My heart has been broken.
You can read about my story HERE and HERE.
I have been blessed with three beautiful children.
You can read my new love's announcement HERE.
And you can read just how emo I am about parenting HERE.

See those pants?
Proof that I shop at Target.
Addicted to that store, really.
One day I decided to write an entire post about that store.
No, I'm not kidding.
You can read that post HERE.

My husband is my whole world.
We have been through more struggles together than the average couple, and he makes me a better person.
Which is hard to admit to because he met me at the peak of my awesomeness.
19 years old and debt free.
Good times.

Oh yeah... and I like elephants.
A lot a lot a lot.

I jump on the bed with my kids.
I bend the rules.
I am a babywearing, baby lead weaning, cloth diapering, Jesus loving, thrift store shopping, craft making 29-year-old who basks in the Southern California sun.
Also, I don't ever want to turn 30.

I am so happy to see some new faces around here, and hope that a little intro helps break the ice!
And I know this post doesn't prove a whole lot, but I do in fact know how to smile.
Say what?!
Showing my teeth and everything.

Don't break up with me just yet- I promise I'm not as crazy as I sound.
PS. Sometimes I break promises.



  1. This was such a cute post! I love you dear your blog always makes me smile! <3

  2. I love this! I'm 29 as well and not really wanting to turn the dirty this year either, and I have no babies yet and was always a goal to have one before 30, now realizing its probably not going to happen unless I get pregnant like right this minute, and well. That is not happening :/
    Anywho, was not intending on divulging that little fact in this comment, but there it is, whoopsy. That's awkward!
    Lol, I'm Kaara by the way and I enjoy your blog.
    xoxo- K

  3. I love it! So glad to have found your blog!

  4. Im not a new reader.. but i did just learn a lot about you and like you even more!! :)

  5. I am so glad that you posted this! You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I am so lucky to call you a friend!

  6. What a cute post. I am a newer reader and I am loving what I am reading. Keep it up! You are doing a great job... one question though- how did you grow to over 3000 readers? I want to grow but am unsure exactly how.

  7. Yea! I love you already!!!
    I totally speak your same language...
    And my heart aches for you and your family.
    Love seeing joy, even when life is life...
    PS, I'm a new reader!

  8. I enjoyed this post! I have been following your blog for a couple months now & have really been enjoying it. I love that you're very real & let us into your life- the good & the not so good parts! It makes me feel as if I know you, because of the things you write :) you truly are one of my favorite blogs to follow! Hope you & your family have a lovely weekend!

  9. OK. I just pictured you rapping and you're just that much more awesome! Sweet post!

  10. I came across your blog because of someone else's post on Facebook.. & I think I have been reading for well over an hour. Your story is amazing. My heart broke when I read your story about Riley & I was also so encouraged by your heart to share said story. You have an adorable family & I am so glad I found your blog.

  11. you are too cute!!!
    so glad to be here :)

  12. Great post Kimmie! Loved it xoxo hanna

  13. Just found your blog and love it! :)


  14. The last picture is my favorite - even if your hair isn't doing what you want. I think it captures you best.

  15. hi, stumbled onto your blog. your family is precious and your hair is giving me major jealousy. loved your intro.

  16. I just came across your blog from the Valentine's Day giveaway. So far, I'm loving your blog! That last picture of you & your LO reminds me of me & my LO. He sure does love to pull my hair! I'm looking forward to reading more about your life. (Uhh not in a creepy way though. (: )

  17. Beautiful!! Lovely to 'meet' you!! Very excited to read more and get to know you better!! X

  18. Girl. I hated 29. Like hated. I wanted 3 kids by 30, I too had suffered miscarriages and my goal seemed unattainable. I am now 34...and bye bye 20's...I haven't missed them for a second! I love my 30's, even though babies still evade me. But one day;)

  19. Love.

    I've been a reader for awhile, but you had me at "sailor" in this post... lol.

    I like Mommy blogs, I but I like blogs that show the human side too. I can't stand the Mary Poppins of blogs. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not into Debbie Downer blogs, but I love a good blog where you can laugh at yourself and occasionally even cry :)

    Blogging without censoring yourself is brave, it shows who you really are.

    I won't mention names but there's one blogger who I recently stopped following. She was pretending her kids poop magical sunlight into all her photos (on instagram) and she's actually an artist, it's called "afterglow" stop bullshitting your readers. I called her out on it twice (once nicely, the other not so nice and she deleted both my comments) <--- I'm usually not so cynical. 10 bucks says you know who I'm talking about though. HA!

    You're real. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. i think we would totally be bff's IRL! <3 this post

  21. i love your love. you are beautiful inside and out! i think we could be great friends.


  22. This is such a sweet story! Just came across your blog and absolutely loves it!


    Showered With Design

  23. love this! I came across your shop on instagram & so excited to get my babygirls first pair of moccs eeeek! I love youurrr blog! so glad I checked it out! im a new mommy and a new blogger & your def inspiration mama!!! <3 <3