February 5, 2013

Meet February's mama.

Each month I will be interviewing one babywearing mama with a set of interview questions.
One mama per month.
Ten questions.
I'm hoping to spread the babywearing love and show you the amazing babywearing options that I haven't yet mastered.

1. What is your name, how many children do you have/ages?
- Frances Bast, I have one baby girl! She is almost 10 months old! 
2. When did you start babywearing?
- I started babywearing in June of 2012, when Kaya was 1 month old, but only rarely around the house. I was still getting the hang of it. I started actively wearing her out and about more often when she hit 3 months. 

3. How did you hear about it?
- My mentor, Christina Singhi is a big advocate for babywearing and got me into it! She introduced me to Jillian (owner of PAXBABY.COM), invited me to a babywearing seminar, and it was all downhill from there! 

4. What is your favorite carrier/wrap? Why?
- Currently, my favorite wrap is my STARRY NIGHT FORGET ME NOT. It wraps itself, and it is the one I use most of the time. My favorite non-wrap is my REVERSE HALF BUCKLE TMD. I feel in love with it the first time I tried it on, Kaya loved it as well, and it is so easy for on the go, quick trips, fast in, fast out. 

5. What is your favorite thing about babywearing?
- My favorite thing about babywearing is the fact that my daughter loves it. There are so many benefits, I can list them all, the closeness, being hands free, etc.. But all in all, I never would have started babywearing if I didn't see just how much my baby loved it. It is her favorite thing to do. It is the only thing that can calm her down when nothing else works. 

6. What do you want people to know about babywearing?
- I would love to spread the fact that babywearing is something every mom should consider a necessity. Tons of moms think of carriers as an "option" but to me, a carrier is just like a crib, clothes, car seat, or all the other items you deem a must have.

7. What is your favorite carry/position? Why?
- I prefer A RUCK WITH A WRAP, it is easy, quick, and comfortable! 

8. If you could say one sentence about babywearing, what would it be?
- If babywearing was a mom, it'd be the best mom in the world. 

9. What wrap/carrier would you love to have?

10. Eating and drinking while babywearing: yes or no?
- YES! all the time! It was the only way I could in restaurants when Kaya wasn't not able to sit up in a high chair yet.


  1. so sweet. Love this post. What a beautiful baby and Mommy.

    <3 Bethany @ thesepiapuppy.blogspot.com

  2. I wish these were around when my kids were babies! I totally would have sported them 24/7!

    Super cute mom and babe too :)


  3. Love this series Kimmie! Iove baby wearing!!! There really is no other way:)

  4. I am so so stoked you are doing this series! I have been wondering about babywearing and really want to try it when my little one arrives. I almost wrote you an email to ask if I can meet you for lunch and ask you all about it.

    On your next post in the series, can you include links to the wraps/carriers they mention, so I can check them all out? I would love that.

    For the rest of nap time, I am going to be googling to try and do more research on all the things in this post.
    Thank you so much Kimmie!

    1. I edited this post for you, sweet girl! There should be a link now to everything that Frances mentioned. :)

    2. Oh my gosh, thank you Kimmie! You are awesome.

  5. What a fun series. I'm a big fan of babywearing too. By no means do I have the funds to buy a handful of carriers, but I do love the 2 we own and use them more than once per day easily.

  6. Such a neat idea!!!! I plan on doing lots of babywearing when my hubby and I have kiddos! i cant wait and this series will be awesome for us both!!!

  7. thanks for sharing these adorable babies. I may or may not have baby fever. Okay, yeah I do. I too plan on being a baby wearing mama (when I have kiddos). xoxox and happy monday!