February 23, 2013

In case you missed it...

Seven years ago today since THIS HAPPENED.
Spending the day with family.
Making this post brief.
Favorite things from this week will be posted next week.
And there will be something good here tomorrow.
Even though I never blog on Sundays.
Please come back and visit.
Oh, and bring a dollar.
Another week with 7 posts.
Trophy status.

This week...

On Monday I told you all WHY I BLOG.
And then Bonnie GUEST POSTED.
On Tuesday I posted an UNFASHION POST.
On Wednesday I opened THE LINKY PARTY.
On Thursday I wrote about THE OSCARS & OPENED A GIVEAWAY.
On Friday I posted WEEK 8 OF #ITSHAPPYHERE.



  1. Just read your post about 7 years ago. So sorry for your loss. xoxoxo.

  2. Well, shut the front door, Kimmie!

    I don't know how you stumbled upon my teeny tiny piece of the web, but I'm so glad you did. Your comment had me CRACKING up, and I can't thank you enough for becoming a new follower -- it truly means so much to me!

    I'm also a babywearing mama (though just of one ... hoping to add more), and Tim may not be a Desi look-alike, but he's half Hawaiian, so I like to call him the pineapple to my haole. ;)

    Absolutely hoping that we can be friends. Hope your Sunday is awesome!

  3. I took the second half of the week off in my own memorial - but my dad, not a child. Although any loss of a family member is a life changing loss.

  4. *Hugs my friend* I understand how you feel, one year ago (near the end of January) We lost our son during my second trimester. I hope you have a great week this week