I made something.

Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day?
Some nights the kids will be in bed, the dishwasher will be running, and a basket of clean clothes will be ready to be folded, and I'll think, "This is all I have accomplished today. Clean dishes. Some clean clothes. And sleeping kids. Wasn't I busy the whole day?! Where does the time go?!"
By the time I can sit down and tackle any projects that I'd like to, I'm exhausted.
But recently, I made an effort.
I stopped PINNING, and decided to actually make something on my "me" list.
You guys.
I made something.

I stopped adding to my growing list of "one day" and focused on the day in front of me.
This project took a few days, and I made it over some time, but it's finished.
And I have decided to work on one project every day until it's done.

No more excuses.
I might only have a spare five minutes after doing the wife/mom/blogger thing, but I deserve those five minutes.
Time for myself.
Time to accomplish something.

I may not make amazing things, but I spent the time trying.
And that's all that matters.
Who needs sleep, anyway?!

PS- Me. I do. I totally need sleep.


embroidery floss and hoop c/o WHOLEPORT
elephant moccasins c/o STARRY KNIGHT DESIGNS


  1. Holy crap, Kimmie, that's absolutely precious!! SO jealous of your skills!

  2. I love the detail in the blanket and especially how the line that makes the edge of the blanket says "blessed."

  3. I love all the detail in the blanket and especially how the line that makes up the edge of the blanket says "blessed." Great job!!

  4. Adorable!

    I realized that Pinterest was a particularly insidious time waster for me. Because it is just that, a time waster, but it creates the illusion of productivity. I think, "I'm getting ideas for stuff I want to do later!" But the reality is that I am perfectly capable of coming up with my own ideas, and I could be executing them NOW.

  5. I definitely feel like there are not enough hours in the day... and I don't even have kids! Your creation is beautiful! When I first saw it, I thought the blanket trim said "Missed" and then I saw "Blessed" - I think its perfect for either one!

  6. I feel the same way. I have a friend who is doing 52 things from Pinterest this year and I thought that was such a great idea! It's forcing her to really use the fun things she sees. I'm thinking maybe 12 :)

    I love this little project and even if it's the only thing you do who cares because it's adorable :)

  7. There's never enough time! I'm following you from My Show, just saying hi!

  8. This is so beautiful! I totally get stuck in the Pinterest rut! And, by the time I find a moment to do something for myself....someone cries, fights, falls, needs to be fed...well you know how it goes! I love the idea of a little bit of "me time" even if its only a few minutes!

  9. Ps. Where did this pattern come from??? You're so talented! :0)

  10. Hey Pretty Girl - of course I had to come by and say hi :) And I am SO glad I did - I love that you are doing something for YOU now & embracing the here & now and not letting time constraints or life's busyness get in the way & let me just say, I loveeeeeeeee your embroidery!!! I'll be back xxxooo

  11. Hi Kimmie! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I love finding new blogs that are so inspiring. I'm following!

  12. That is so pretty! x You've done an amazing job.


  13. I'm right there with ya, mama! This week I'm gonna learn to sew.... Maybe ;)

  14. where do you find cute patterns like this, or did you design it yourself?

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Are you kidding (re: not making amazing things)?! This is fantastic and absolutely lovely. You are incredibly talented!

  17. As I sit here, on a quick break from baking doughnuts, cleaning dishes, and making lunches, I'm jealous of any extra time you have! I'm waiting to get called in for bedtime duty, then it's back out to try and get some work done for the office tomorrow!

  18. What a wonderful craft!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog

  19. I love this! So cute. Is there a pattern somewhere?
    Bri | SanBriego.com

  20. That's so awesome! I've wanted to start attempting embroidery myself. I've actually pinned a few super awesome looking embroidery hoops for inspiration. I hope to be able to give a try soon!

  21. good post! seriously where does the time go??

  22. This is so lovely, I love embroidery and you definitely deserve that time to sit and enjoy doing this :)

  23. Love it! And with 19mth old twins I can relate to the lack of time and wondering where the day went! :-)



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