February 28, 2013

Guest post by Mrs. Robinson.

I feel so honored to be sharing this space with Kimmie today. Kimmie has been such a huge example to me as a blogger, mother, and just in life in general for a long time. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her and work with her. For her to allow me to guest post for you all today is just a little dream come true for me. So thank you Kimmie for letting me share a little bit of my story with your readers today!

My name is Megan from "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson." My blog follows my journey through the ups and downs in my life and how I am learning to be more true to myself and my potential.

I feel like my story isn't anything incredibly special. Like most of us, I have good times and hard times. But even if my story doesn't seem spectacular, I still have felt this strong prompting to share it with as many people, particularly women, as I can. I feel like the things that have happened in my life, the struggles I have gone through and lessons I have learned from it, are ones that many other women can relate to. And we all just need at least one person who will understand us.

For that reason, I write [blog].

Today I wanted to share with you something that I struggle with on a daily basis.
A sickness that I'm sure thousands of other people, especially women, suffer from.
It is debilitating. 
It is extremely harmful to my body & mind. 
And if left untreated, it can make life not worth living. 

This disease is "i'm-not-good-enough-otosis" 
or otherwise known as "always-comparing-ititis"

[also, I watch Doc McStuffins with my son and have gotten good at making up words :)]

This is something i have always struggled with. 
Whenever I get in a bad place, the first thing to blame is that I'm comparing... again. 
It has put a wedge in my friendships, in my relationships, in my parenting, and in my marriage. 

When I first started to go to therapy, the first thing I told my counselor was,
"I have a blessed life. But I don't know how to be happy in it."
The problem was I saw so many of my friends going on trips, moving into houses, having the cutest/most fashionable clothes, buying the newest gadgets & products, looking way more beautiful, more talented, more crafty, more likeable.... 

Do you see where i'm going with this? 

I could keep going. 

My husband Adam is well aware of this problem. He {unfortunately} has to call me out on it often. 
I know it's tiring for him. 
It's tiring for me. 
But they say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. 
And thankfully a year and half ago I was able to do so in a safe environment

Ever since I have realized that I have this disease
{and it really is a disease}
{and it unfortunately took me some time to finally admit that I even had it},
I have had to constantly make conscious decisions to avoid things that would make my comparing worse. Or actively seek out situations that will help me feel more worthwhile.

With the help of my counselors & my loving husband, I have tried to make a list of {mostly} fail-proof ways to combat the sickness that is comparison-ocosis:
-I try to limit social media, 
-I limit some of the blogs I read, 
-I try to focus on & remember my blessings daily,
-I surround myself with people that are supportive & understanding, 
-I try to focus on things that I love, not trends that will pass away {definitely can be hard. but worth it}, 
-And instead of feeling sorry for myself, I try to actually improve on the things that I may not like. 

It is a work in progress. 
But I know that if I want to be happy, truly & wonderfully happy, this is the first thing that must go. 
And eventually, practice will make perfect, right? 
Or at least soon there will be a more permanent cure.
[it's called higher self esteem :)]

Thank you so much for letting me share my thoughts with you all today! I hope you stop by and say hello so I can get to know you! 


  1. Thanks for this post! I am definitely one that suffers from the same disease...The quote is actually one that I say to myself quite often. I think your list is fantastic! Thanks so much :)
    ...and on a 'comparison' sidenote: before reading the post I saw your family pics (so cute!) and I thought 'wow, look at her pulling off that red jacket, I could never do that, it looks so cute on her', Your totally rocking it girl!

  2. This post is exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been struggling with this...and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. Thank you!

  3. What a precious family with some amazing truths!! I'll be following right away!

  4. I think you are definitely on the right track.

  5. Thank you for sharing! I have suffered from this too... It's so hard and I'm glad you are finding ways to help yourself! Good for you! I think doing things we truly love and enjoy to do help me t least :)
    Xoxo- Kaara