January 9, 2013

What I Whipped Up Wednesday

Please remember that What I Whipped Up Wednesday was created for you to showcase what you've been up to.
There are no limitations to what you can link up.
Crafts, recipes, makeovers, tutorials, projects, heartaches, triumphs... I want you to feel comfortable sharing all of it here.
This is a place to share what you want people to see.
Be proud of your posts.
Now onto the features!
 Believe and Inspire linked up this amazing 5 MINUTE DIY CLUTCH:

Kayla Danelle put together this rad PLAY KITCHEN:
Kim's Kandy Kreations showed off these cool DIY GAME PIECE REPLACEMENTS:

The Gingerbread Blog made this adorable FRINGE NECKLACE:

And a Cozy Place Called Home whipped up this yummy GLUTEN FREE POLENTA PIZZA:

Thank you so much to everyone that linked up!
And no, I don't require you to link-back if you join the party, but when I check out your posts and see you list a bunch of other parties but not mine, my feelings do get hurt.
I know that's silly, but these parties are run by actual people.
I read what you link up.
I enjoy the links.
I love your creativity.
And I like when you acknowledge me.
There. I said it.

Have a wonderful week!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Omg! Thanks sooooo much for the feature! :D:D :D Wohoooo! I'm squealing in delight!!! :D <3

  2. Such a great link up! I am terrible at DIY projects, but I think I want to try out that clutch! Stopping by from the Yours Truly giveaway and following now!
    Penniless Socialite
    Enter to Win Ad Space!

  3. Thank you for hosting:)

    Just letting you know, the party hostess' that are not bossy are always my favorites, thats why I like you:)
    I will add a link to my post (along with the link to my party page) especially for you cause I would never wish to hurt your feelings, you are too sweet:)

    Have an awesome week

  4. Happy New Year, Kimmie! Thank you so much for hosting :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this. I truly appreciate you giving a space to link up the wonderful things we have done and share them with others. If it wasn't for you my blog would never be noticed.

  6. i visited each of those blogs last week! haha there was some awesome stuff! that's why i love linkys so much. thanks for hosting

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for hosting another great party.
    We linked up but don't see them so not sure if we are part of the party this week or not.
    The Busy Bee's.

  8. Hi! This is my first time visiting and linking up, I'll put your blog button on my site!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  9. I brought you my Ice and Snow wreath. This is a great party. Thanks for hosting.

  10. Thanks again for hosting! Happy New Year!

  11. oh i love that wallet!!
    and you should be sad if folks dont link back to you.
    thats like attending a friends party and then not acknowledging them while you are living it up at their house.

    Redheaded Daybook

  12. I don't know how I missed this, but thank you so much for featuring my Polenta Pizza this week!