January 11, 2013

Week Two.

Since writing THIS POST nearly four weeks ago, 720 photos have been linked up with Project #itshappyhere!
That's 105 more photos since last week!
Tagging their photos on Instagram with the above hashtag, creating a safe and happy place online.
Not all days are happy.
Not all days are full of sunshine.
Or laughter.
Sometimes bad moods can get the best of you.
And sometimes really bad things happen that ruin your day.
Or your week.
Or your lifetime.
#itshappyhere is full of some of the loveliest images I have seen.
Tagged by people willing to share their happiness.
Giving others a sense of hope.
Or a simple smile.

Each Friday I will be featuring a handful of my favorite photos from Project #itshappyhere.
Please join in and tag any photos, new or old, that make you smile.
Sharing a smile can change the world.
Watch and see.
Please visit the people below and be sure to tell them that you found them via #itshappyhere.

Happy Friday!


  1. This is such a lovely idea! Spread the happiness :)


  2. It's beautiful and I love it!!! Xoxo Hanna

  3. What a great idea! Let's get together xoxo