January 8, 2013

Meet January's mama.

Each month I will be interviewing one babywearing mama with a set of interview questions.
One mama per month.
Ten questions.
I'm hoping to spread the babywearing love and show you the amazing babywearing options that I haven't yet mastered.
1. What is your name, how many children do you have/ages?

My name is CharLee Christian but most people call me Char. I have two daughters; a 3 year old and 9 month old.

2. When did you start babywearing?

I started wearing my first daughter when she was about 3 weeks old. I was kind of scared to wear her as a new squish. We had an ERGOBABY but she was too little for it. I heard about MOBY WRAPS and instead of blowing $30 at the store I found some clearance jersey knit fabric- six yards for about $12. I wore her in that until she was about 13lbs, then switched to the Ergobaby. When my second daughter arrived I wore her right from birth (in the hospital even!). This time around I ventured into the world of Woven wraps, Mei Tai’s and Ringslings.

3. How did you hear about it?

It's not something I really heard or was evangelized to about. It’s more that I got interested whenever I saw moms walking around town with their babies attached. It just looked fun. 

4. What is your favorite carrier/wrap? Why?

I actually have different loves for different stages in baby’s life. Newborn stage I was all about RINGSLINGS and long woven wraps so I can do a front cross carry. That way all I had to do was pop baby in and out without fussing with tying. As soon as baby was comfy being on my back, I really liked the convenience of a size 4 woven wrap. But baby quickly started to feel constrained and both her and I are loving WRAP CONVERSION MEI TAI'S (which is basically a Mei Tai made using the material from a woven wrap). We still use ringslings for naptime. :) We always used soft structured carriers like ERGO, BECO, TULA or BAMBEROO when we go on a hike. We don’t have to worry about getting anything dirty and it gives us all day support.

5. What is your favorite thing about babywearing?

Hands-down my favorite thing about babywearing is that baby snuggles with me. So quickly they grow up and want nothing to do with you, but wearing keeps them close and is quite like a 4th trimester.

6. What do you want people to know about babywearing?

I want people to know that it doesn’t have to be expensive, there are tons of options to fit all body types of mama and baby, there are groups to help you learn, that YouTube is your tutorial playground, your baby is only a baby once, and you only have one chance to share this incredible bonding experience.

7. What is your favorite carry/position? Why?

With wraps over size 5, I really enjoy the coziness of a DOUBLE HAMMOCK; it doesn’t dig into your shoulders and feels very supportive.
With wraps under 5, I like to ruck under bum and use the tails as a chest strap through the ruck. (I have no idea if I explained that right!).

8. If you could say one sentence about babywearing, what would it be?

Babywearing is just about the closest, most magical bond you will have with your baby aside from when you carried baby in the womb.

9. What wrap/carrier would you love to have?

I would absolutely love to have a custom slot OBIMAMA wrap conversion Mei Tai. I would send in a Cream twill weave Double Rainbow and put the text "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with an applique of  a rainbow, clouds, rain, and a dove.

10. Eating and drinking while babywearing: yes or no?

Babywearing is an absolute must while eating and drinking! Before my babies were old enough to sit in a restaurant high chair, I would wear them on my back. I’d get funny looks, sure, but who cares- at least I could enjoy my meal uninterrupted!
 Thank you so much for kicking-off this series for me, Char!
I know that I have learned more myself from this little interview.

I hope that this helps spread the babywearing love.
Happy Tuesday.


  1. Awwww......loved this!!! Love baby wearing! It's the only way to survive:)

  2. Im a huge baby wearing advocate. I did it with my son, and I can't wait to do it again when I am blessed to have another baby.

  3. hi there, just wondering what carrier Char is wearing in the very first photo on her back? its beautiful! thanks!

  4. hi there, just wondering what carrier Char is wearing in the very first photo on her back? its beautiful! thanks!

  5. hi there, just wondering what carrier Char is wearing her daughter in on her back, its gorgeous! Thanks :)