January 10, 2013


It's raining.
The wind is whistling in a steady stream through the crack in our front door.
The rattle of the front window every few minutes makes our cat climb closer to me.
Her dark-as-night fur brushing against my skin as she seeks comfort.
Our heater is on; the warmth spiraling around me as I type.
Sitting in the darkness of our living room, I see only the glow of the computer screen and the tiny green dots on the baby monitor.
The lights on the monitor rise and fall; indicating the breathing of my sweet little prince in the other room.
Peace engulfs my entire being when I glance at that small device.
So often we rush in life.
We are moved solely by image.
Or exteriors.
We judge books by the cover left and right.
We do not stop to smell the roses.
I am moved by my senses.
I am a visual person, but take great pride in knowing that I truly appreciate the things all around me.
Blogging has made me realize how visual of a person I am.
How appreciating beautiful photos makes me feel.
How little sidebar ads are judged so quickly- clicking on the prettiest button first.
Drawn to certain colors.
And features.
So today I am taking away the visual aspect.
No photos.
No buttons.
I would like you to visit my sponsors based solely on things they have written.
They are not aspiring writers.
Or authors.
Or even full-time bloggers.
But they each tell a story.
Here are mini-excerpts from the people currently sponsoring this little space of mine.
Five sentences from each person.
Words that help tell their stories.
I hope that you will visit them.
"I never thought I would leave. My world was turned completely upside down in October 2011. The hubby came to me and asked what I thought about moving to California. Well, in the south, when life hands you lemons you turn them into lemonade. So, that’s exactly what I did."
 "Born and raised in Mississippi, where the summer humidity will make you sweat immediately upon walking outside and the 'winters' are usually lame and consist of two months out of the year (January and February). Snow is a rarity and usually closes everything down except for hospitals. I don't plan to travel forever but while I'm young and not married I figured there's no better time than the present."
 "Welcome to my shop where you will find Beauties for your Body and your aBode! For your Body: handcrafted, magnetically interchangeable, snap-on accessories and other coordinating items. For your aBode: digital prints in various mediums of my original hand drawn illustrations. I am sure something original and unique will catch your eye! ...for yourself or for a gift! I also do custom orders."
"Here is the naked truth. I'm not a professional crafter. I'm not a professional chef. I'm not a photographer. I love learning about cooking, taking pictures, crafting, diy projects, and sewing, but I'm more on the beginning level on all of those. And that's ok, because here is what I am... A Professional Mother."

"After a year of being a stay at home mom, Carly found herself itching to have "something" of her own. Designing prints was a quiet hobby that could be done during her son's naptime. That hobby quickly turned into a passion and a desire to fill homes with a little bit of happiness through her prints"
 "I love optimism, laughter, travel, all things beauty, bling, shopping, hanging out with my friends, family time and summers at the lake! Oh, and country music, love me some country music!
I realize that every day is a gift from God, and that no one is promised tomorrow. So live it up, be kind, be happy and join me as a blog about my Charmed Life!

"I'm obsessed with beauty and fashion. Mixing highs and lows is exciting to me. Becoming a mother has brought new challenges in fashion for me.  Wearing high heels and dresses everyday doesn't make sense anymore. However, it's become more exciting, well thought out, and functional without losing my sense of style."

"I am a passionate person.Passionate about where our produce comes from, where our clothes come from (most are bought used), and where and how we spend the resources we've been blessed with. After being sick for so long I am also passionate about my health and finding natural practices that will help me and others in our management of pain and diseases. I am passionate about art and photography. Recently I turned my passion for photography into a business and love capturing the beauty of life into photos."

"Her creative nature is the most vibrant part of her personality. Paige has found a very comfortable niche with Etsy and provides her customers with the absolute best in jewelry design. She has harnessed the best materials to create one of a kind jewelry pieces. Not only are her pieces stunning, but also affordable. Each one is crafted to perfection by a seasoned artisan whose ethos represents the best of the handmade marketplace."

"Hello there friends! Thanks for stopping by our little shop. We are just a couple of down to earth moms that love working together and creating one of a kind creations for boys."
"I am done dancing now and have my amazing little man which is more than I could ever ask for. I am madly in love with my husband and can't wait to be with him and my family forever. This blog is about my life, family, fashion, and whatever else I decide I want to talk about that day!  I definitely have a passion for fashion. I love trying new things and being inspired by others."

"I am currently swooning over: the way my husband snuggles me in the mornings before work, spending (at least) 15 minutes each evening in the Word, rainy days in So Cal, iced coffee with a bit of sweetener and tons of creamer, and carrying a disposable camera with me everywhere I go. I am fighting the good fight against clinical depression, fibromyalgia, and 
chronic fatigue syndrome, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, and slight insomnia.
I am finally finding who I truly am in Christ as a woman, a wife, a writer, 
a fighter, a believer, a friend, and a sister."

"My name is Heidi, I am 26 years old and live in Sunny Central California. Lived here my whole life actually, with a few moves from town to the country then back to town and now we have settled back in the country! I met my Hubs in 8th grade and it wasn't until 10th grade that he finally mustered up enough courage to ask me out! (he gave me his number, but I am old fashion and thought he should be calling me, so I gave him mine...it worked)  We dated for 7 years before he popped the question and then we were married about 3 weeks later. He's been my best friend for over 10 years and I feel so blessed to have him in my life!"

"On a leap of faith, Kelly listed a few of her handmade jewelry designs on the site, within a few hours one of her pieces had already sold! This was the push that she needed to realize she didn’t need to totally abandon art in order to make a living.  Within 6 months of selling on Etsy, Kelly made a $5,000 profit from her designs.  She created her own basic website in order to try selling on another venue. This is when her interest for web design really took off."

"My favorite things in life are my family, edamame, kayaking, Hello Kitty and graphic design. I am a customer support representative by day for a skin cancer screening company and a blog designer by night. One day, I'd love for my night-time job to be my day-time job. In this blog you will find everything from fashion and style, graphic design, my ramblings about nothing important and lots of bad jokes {ha!}. I love getting to know people and obviously would love to meet you."

"I got a sewing machine for Christmas when I was in high school.  I still use the same machine now.  Only thing different is now I've actually read the manual and know how to use it. I love sewing and crafting. Basically I HEART anything handmade."

"I'm a wife to one and mom to two. I'm a lover of God, family, friends, blogging, photography, sewing, crafting, and cooking."

 Happy Thursday, friends.


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