September 28, 2012

Rachel's Style Report: Fall Trends, Part 3

For the past two weeks, I've been bringing you my favorite Fall clothing trends. This week is the final post in this three-part series. Here are the last of my favorite Fall trends; with a few accessories thrown in: 

9. Military


10. Equestrian


 11. Menswear


12. Peplum


What do you think? Which of these trends is your favorite? Come back next week for an all-new Style Report. Until then, see what's happening at Polka Dots and Lemonade


September 26, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Marble Polish Giveaway

Hello lovelies!
The linky is open later than usual due to the very grumpy little guy I was dealing with last night.
Tummy troubles and pouty lips had me up all night.
If you ever want updates on when this party will open, I always post on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Also, please excuse the dust while some new things are added to my sidebar this week.
Moving on.

Last week...

The most-viewed link and winner of the Gandanke Journal Giveaway is Nicole from Wonky Wonderful with her HOMEMADE COCONUT SALT SCRUB:

{email me to claim your prize}

Brandy from The Moody Fashionista linked up these adorable GHOST LEAVES:

Kayla Danelle showed off her TODDLER BOYS ROOM:

Winnie from Something Sweet whipped up these HOMEMADE OREO COOKIES:

Mommy Minded showed off her new SCHOOL ROOM:

The Bowdabra team from The Bowdabra Blog put together this CANDY CORN HAIR CLIP:

And Elise from Grow Creative made these DECORATIVE STONES:

Thank you to everyone who linked up!
This week, the most-viewed link will win one bottle of Marble nail polish:

Be sure to spread the news about this linky party so that your links get more views!

Have fun!
Happy Wednesday!

September 24, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout Inspired Hair Clip Tutorial

I posted the above picture on my blog shortly after starting it.
Back when I had a little Daisy Girl Scout at home.
I'ts only been about two years, and she already seems so much bigger.
Enjoy the Daisy time- it flies by!

Back when Taylor was a Daisy, I made a clip for every girl in her troop.
They all matched in their little vests and clips.
It was so sweet, (and so great for all of those outings with other troops- ours was always easy to spot in a crowd!)
These are simple to make- I'm going to show you how.

-You will need ribbon in the following colors to abide by the Girl Scout Pledge:

Promise Center - Daisy Blue (thicker ribbon)
Light Blue - Honest and Fair
Yellow - Friendly and Helpful
Light Green - Considerate and Caring
Red- Courageous and Strong
Orange - Responsible for what I say and do
Purple - Respect myself and Others
Magenta - Respect Authority
Green - Use resources wisely
Rose - Make the world a better place
Violet - Be a sister to every Girl Scout 
-hot glue gun
-hot glue stick(s)
-french or alligator clip
-lighter/candle (optional)

Cut each ribbon into 2 or 3 inch strips.
The longer your ribbon, the bigger the petal.
The bigger the petal, the bigger the hair clip.

You can either burn the edges or leave them frayed.
I always sear the edges.
After you get the petal pieces ready, cut a small square from your felt.
A 2"x2" would be the smallest I'd make it- you can always trim excess later.
Cut a circle from your Daisy blue thicker ribbon.
Sear the edges carefully.
Remember that it shouldn't be a perfect circle- just like the patch.
You should have supplies that look like this now:

1. Loop ribbon to create a petal and secure the bottom with a small dab of hot glue.
2. Glue your petal off-center onto your piece of felt.
3. Continue layering your petals all the way around your felt piece
4. Turn your petals over and trim excess felt.

You'll need the excess felt to secure a clip to the back.
I prefer french clips because they're perfect for active outings.

Flip your petals over and and secure the seared Daisy blue "circle" to the front with hot glue.

Your clip is ready for your Daisy!

September 21, 2012

Rachel's Style Report: Fall Trends, Part 2

What did you think of the trends I brought you last week? Did one or two of them stand out to you? I really like the metallic look. I even created an outfit using that super cute metallic shirt from Buckle. This week, I'm back for round two. Here are a few more of my favorite Fall style trends: 

5. Leather


 6. Modern Blouses


7. Lace


8. Printed Denim


Come back next week for my last few favorites. I can't wait to share them with you! In the meantime, check out some of my fashion extras!


September 19, 2012

Please and thank you. (a bad blogger problem)

While looking for the little icon that displays how many readers I have via RSS a few months ago, I managed to erase the entire feed.
I set a personal goal to only post the little " ____ readers" icon after reaching 1,000 RSS subscribers.
Goal reached.
And then I accidentally deleted all of them.
 I searched and searched for answers on how to fix my RSS feed.

I found nothing.
 So, I created a new feed in an exhausted pregnant rant.
New readers showed up.
And then I discovered how to fix my feed.
Good blogger FAIL.

My RSS feed is finally updated.
If you could please re-subscribe HERE, I would appreciate it.

 Thank you, friends.
I love you more than brocolli.


September 18, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Gadanke Journal Giveaway

Hello lovelies.
Same story.
Different week.

Franky turns two months old tomorrow.
I'll be posting about that soon!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Last week...

The most-viewed link and winner of $50 ad space here at Sugar and Dots is Ma Nouvelle Mode with their lovely eyeliner tutorial:

{email me to claim your prize}

Rhiannon from Being Mom(me) stitched together some sweet boot socks:

Amanda from The Little Giggler put together a great Batman cape tutorial:

Recreate and Repin made some easy peasy DIY wood stain:

Macy from Crafty Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy whipped up a low-calorie pumpkin spice latte:

Vixen Made stitched together these awesome DIY leggings from an old shirt:

Trisha from The Sweet Survival turned old faucet handles into these lovely hooks:

Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate and More whipped up these yummy Jello sugar cookies:

And I never like to feature round-ups unless the poster includes their own idea, but I adore this yard stick round-up from Craftionary:

Thank you to everyone who linked up!
New "featured" buttons will be back next week- be sure to come back to snag one if you were featured this week!

This week the most-viewed link will win $20 to the Gadanke journal shop!

Gadanke's motto:
Celebrate your story!

About Gadanke:
Document who you are and what you crave and believe. Handmade journaling products at Gadanke are filled with creative writing prompts and tidbits to make you think (and laugh!). These baby books, prayer journals, travel books, and diaries make your writing process more meaningful and fun! Plus they're totally eco-savvy with 100% recycled papers.
A couple of years ago, NPR's StoryCorp was in town. It was also my grandma's 90th birthday. The two of us decided to hop into the recording studio to capture some pieces of her story. I had all sorts of prompts to help her. The only problem? My grandma couldn't remember. Too much time had passed. Later, my dad turned to me and said, "Katie, I need you to write down your story." I knew he wished he had his mom's stories. So I started writing.
I started wondering about all of the other women who have stories deep inside of them. Gadanke was born with fabulous writing prompts and recycled papers.
  Want 10% off of a journal for yourself?
Simply enter the code "WITHKIMMIE" at checkout!

Be sure to tell everyone about the party so that your link gets some extra clicks!

Good luck!

September 14, 2012

Rachel's Style Report: Fall Trends, Part One

Although it is still relatively warm outside in most places, Fall is just around the corner. I don't know about you, but I am so ready for some cooler weather to set in! Today I'm bringing you part one of a three-part series. To start getting you warmed up for the upcoming fall season, I will be sharing my favorite fall must-haves with you. 

1. Burgundy

 2. Metallic


 3. Prints on Prints


 4. Faux-Fur Collar


 Do you like these Fall trends as much as I do? I love that they don't completely break the bank, and they are pieces that can go with anything! As a mom on a budget, that's definitely important to me. 

Come back next week for part 2. In the meantime, you can always head over to Polka Dots and Lemonade to see what's new. I would love to have you!


September 10, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Giveaway

To see why this post is up early this week, please check my Facebook page.

I'm jumping right into it...

Sarah from The gOOd Life showed off her amazing peplum refashion:

Camille from Growing Up Gabel whipped up these yummy blueberry donuts:

Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode put together this rad DIY pencil skirt:

Karyn from Kayboo Creations created some fancy ombre on this dresser:

Jill from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons whipped up these creepy cupcake cones:

Shannon from Eat, Sleep, Make showed you how to make a catalog collage art piece:

Goldschmiede Plaar in Osnabrück showed off this lovely cutlery jewelry:

And Amanda M Webster designed this fabulous art piece:

Thank you to everyone that linked up!
I love seeing what you create each week!

Next week I will be giving away large ad space for the remainder of this month and all of October to the person with the most viewed link!
($50 value!)
 Keep your fingers crossed that lots of people are clicking on your links.

Ready to link up?
The party is open ans will close Sunday at 11:59 PM.
Winner will be announced during the next party!

Happy Wednesday!