June 29, 2012

Ad space mega sale. Because I'm panicking.

I switched things up a bit for sponsorships during the Summer, and even offer free ad space to everyone.
Currently, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and at my last appointment, the doctor said to expect the baby to arrive around 36 weeks (my children have all been born early).
So, expecting a baby within the next two weeks is pretty much freaking me out, and I am trying to be as prepared as possible with baby gear and necessities and such.
What does this mean?

Large ad space stats are still going strong, so they will remain $25/month.
I will be doing a MEGA sale for small ads (200 x 100) and lowering the price to only $5/month.
That's $10 off!

To get in on this mega sale for small ad space, please send an email with the subject "July Ad Space" to SugarAndDots@gmail.com by Sunday July 1st.

Unlike other sites, I welcome giveaways and guest posts by ALL sponsors on my sidebar, no matter what size ad you have purchased.
If you would like to be included in the monthly giveaway day or offer a discount code to my readers at any point during your sponsorship, simply let me know.

I look forward to working with you in July!
Baby Boy in my belly thanks you!


{{giveaway day}}

I'm going to make this short and sweet.

It's giveaway day today!

Up for grabs...

$25 shop credit to the Much Love, Illy shop!

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 That's 9 ways to win!
 Good luck!

Happy Friday, friends.

June 28, 2012

Washi Tape Mantel

This is the first house that I have lived in with my husband that has a mantel.
It was one of the reasons I wanted to move here.
After we moved in, I realized that I liked the idea of a mantel, and didn't love the wood that ours was made from.
After a year of trying to distract everyone's eyes from the wood with random decor, I realized that I could cover the entire thing in washi tape and didn't have to live with any regrets if I didn't love it.
Thankfully, I love it.

(If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw these photos back in early May.)

I bought two packs of the teal washi tape sold at Target.

I used the solid teal colored tape, and simply lined the mantel one strip at a time, slightly overlapping each row.

I decided to add one row of polkadot tape for fun.
(Also from Target.)

The entire process took only a few minutes, and it added the perfect pop of color to our living room.
And when I decide that teal is no longer my favorite color, one of the kids takes a permanent marker to the mantel, or we decide to move- it comes off in about one minute.

If you fear change, are indecisive, live in a rental, or like to constantly switch-up your decor, I highly recommend covering a piece of furniture (or two) with washi tape!

Happy Thursday.

June 26, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Tori Spelling Love + Features

Hello lovelies!
I can't believe another week has flown by!
I hope that you are all enjoying your Summer; whether you're staying home with your kiddos, or if you are enjoying some sunshine on the drive to work.
Before I start featuring last weeks' top projects, I want to quickly remind you that tonight is the premiere of Craft Wars.


I am a huge Tori Spelling fan, and fully endorse her crafty side.
Recently, Tori launched a new DIY jewelry line that some of my favorite bloggers have been raving about.

Desiree from The 36th Avenue created some awesome looks with just a few simple pieces from the Styled by Tori Spelling line.


You can read Desiree's full review and DIY advice HERE.

Beth from Home Stories A to Z also teamed up with Styled by Tori Spelling and put together this fun look:
You can read Beth's full review HERE.

I can't wait to see all that Tori Spelling shows off tonight on TLC's Craft Wars!
The show airs at 10:00 PM and runs all Summer long.


Now onto the features...

Last week-

Melissa from My PB + J showed off her adorable Woodland Bathroom:

Michell from Girl in Air put together some fab new signs using Old Windows:

Mandy from This Girl's Life created this Cheery Summer Wreath:

And Kim from Oh Sweet Joy whipped up these fancy Muffin Tin Ice Cubes:

Thank you to everyone who linked up!
If you were featured today, be sure to grab a featured button HERE!

I know that you all have some great Fourth of July/Summer ideas to post with the holiday next week, so I am opening the linky party early!
Ready to link up?
You can link up any idea or project created by you (no linky parties/giveaways, please).
Linking back to your hostess is always appreciated!
Have fun...

Happy Wednesday.

June 25, 2012

Cloth Diapering- What I know, and what I need help with.

If you have ever been curious about cloth diapering, or if you currently use or have previously used cloth diapers, this post is for you.

I've mentioned before on Facebook that I will be cloth diapering the new bambino once he turns about 3-4 months old.
We received tons of disposable diapers at our baby shower, and after opening all of the gifts that included packs of diapers, I opened an envelope from my grandparents for 6 months' worth of cloth diapers through a diaper service.
My grandmother included a set of diaper pins and a pack of pull-on see-through diaper covers.
I immediately had a panic attack and hugged a pack of nearby disposables for comfort.
I have always wanted to cloth diaper, but the one and only time that I looked into it, the cost mentioned wasn't in my budget.
Plus, at the time, I was 19 and lived in an apartment where the laundry room was extremely far from our place.
Having a diaper service will take most of the dirty work out of the whole process.
(Pun intended.)
However, the whole pins-next-to-my-tiny-baby thing is a no-go.
I'm planning on using the diaper service's diapers as inserts inside of diaper covers.
(Think maxi pad inside of underpants. Yeah, I just went there...)

Googling "how to cloth diaper" seemed like the appropriate first step to take.
It resulted in about eleventy billion pages claiming to have advice for beginners.
 I read through hundreds of pages.
I clicked on thousands of sites.
I joined forums and boards and groups.
I asked friends.
I contacted strangers off of Etsy and Craigslist who sell diapers.
I got as much information as I possibly could.
And guess what?
I still know only a small fraction of what I should know.
 Let me share some things with you...

There is a cloth diapering lingo.
You need to know this before you even begin to attempt to cloth diaper.
Here is a list of what I have seen after hours of trying to figure out what kind of diaper cover to purchase:

 AIO - All in One diaper

AI2 - All in Two diaper

AP - Attachment parenting

BF - Breastfeed

BTDT - Been there done that

BTW - By the way

CD - cloth diaper

Crunchy - Natural lifestyle

CPF - Chinese prefold

DSQ - Diaper service quality

EC - Excellent condition

EUC - Excellent used condition

F&C - Free & Clear (used referring to detergents)

FLer - Front loader washing machine

FS - For sale

FSOT - For sale or trade

FYI - For your information

HE - High efficiency (when referring to washing machines)

Hyena - A term for hard to get, popular diapers that are stalked by diaper hungry moms

IPF - Indian Prefold

IMO - In my opinion

ISO - In search of

ITA - I totally agree

KWIM - Know what I mean

LMK - Let me know

LO - Little one

LOL - Laugh out loud

NAK - Nursing at Keyboard

PUL - polyurethane laminate, a material used to make diaper covers/wraps

ROFLOL - rolling on the floor, laughing out loud

SAHM - stay-at-home mom

TLer - Top loader washing machine

WAHM - work-at-home mom

 BG - bumGenius

FM - Fluffy Mail

FMBG - Full Moon Baby Gear

FB - Fuzzi Bunz

HH - Happy Heiny's

LC - Little Caboose

ME - Motherease

GAD - Green Acre Designs

SEZ - Snap E-Z

Feel free to refer to this post if you are just learning about CDing.
(You like how I force you to use the lingo?)

After extensive reading, I have found that THIS PAGE has the best information by far, and will explain far more than I ever can.
I will be using a wrap style cover.
This type of cover is most like a disposable diaper.
So, that's everything I know.
And by "know" I mean that I refer to the above link each and every time I think I know about cloth diapering, and realize that I truly know very little.

Now for your help...
If you have ever used a wrap with a prefold, what was your favorite wrap?
(The prefolds I will be starting out with are 100% cotton gauze. 
They are 4x8x4 ply and measure 12" x 16".)
Again, I won't be starting this whole process for a few months, and I won't need to worry about making a wrap fit a newborn.
Also, if you have used velcro wraps, I am all-ears.
I prefer to make this whole process as close to disposable diapering as much as possible.
I am lazy.

I hope this helps guide you slightly in the abyss that is cloth diaper information.
I also hope that some of you have some suggestions for me when it comes to covers.
I'll be washing the covers myself, and I will be using the diaper service for the prefolds.
Choosing covers wisely so that they last is my only option.
I appreciate all of you help!
Happy Monday.

June 20, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Features

Today is Taylor's last day of second grade.
I hope you can understand why this linky is being opened later than usual!
I spent the night crafting away for her classmates' end-of-the-year gifts, and then spent the early morning weeping all kinds of pregnant lady hormonal tears.
Summer vacation is needed!
Three hours to go!

Last week...

Whitney from Something Brought You Here showed off her DIY Photo Canvas Tutorial:

Rena from Jewelry Making Journal put together this Mixed Metal Wrap Bracelet:

Amanda from The Little Giggler gave you all this Ruffle Clutch Tutorial:

Desi from Wee Share made this adorable Cascading Ruffle Skirt:

And Traci from Coastalpines whipped up this yummy BLT Pasta Salad:

Thank you to everyone who linked up!
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Ready to link up?!
Please remember to link directly to the blog post you are showing off rather than your blog's URL.
Linking back to your hostess is appreciated!

Have fun and happy Wednesday!

June 12, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Double Feature + Blog Partner Search

Hello, friends.
This post is up early due to being posted late last week.
I'm under the weather and I need to make this brief...


April from Gingerbread Handmade showed you the easiest way to get a mason jar lid:

Sarah from Alderberry Hill made these lovely spray painted mason jars:

Melissa from Melly Sews stitched together these adorable baby bloomers:

Natalie from Johnny in a Dress turned her master bedroom into this dreamland:

Lindsay from Lee La La whipped up these yummy cookie dough brownies:

And Mandy from This Girl's Life put together an incredible superhero birthday party:

Thank you to everyone who linked up!
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Ready to link up?
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Have fun!

I am currently looking for a blogger interested in being a regular guest blogger here at Sugar and Dots. I value the time it takes to create posts with high-quality photos and details, and would love to find someone that would like to create a post on a regular basis for my site. 
(Recipes and simple DIY projects preferred.)
You would be featured on my sidebar as my official guest post contributor; with links to your site in each guest post. 
There are a few other details, but right now I'm trying to find someone responsible and interested.
Please email me with the subject "Guest Post Contributor" if interested.
Be sure to include a link to your blog and a few details about yourself.
Thank you!

Happy Wednesday.

June 11, 2012

Mani Monday ... Bikini So Teeny

 *Linking up to Mani Monday with Just Lovely Things & Glitter and Gloss*
 I am guilty of always having bare fingertips.
My nails are paper thin.
(I can literally push on them and they will flatten completely as if they are made of paper.)
I grew up biting them.
When I'm pregnant, biting my nails grosses me out.
Only when I'm pregnant.
Stupid brain... I know it's gross all the time.
I've decided to try super hard to have pretty nails.
This is my first attempt.

This is my new favorite base color by Essie.
It's called Bikini So Teeny.
I decided to do some not-so-fancy artwork on top of two coats, and then topped the "artwork" with Essie's Shine of the Times.
I may put Shine of the Times on top of everything I ever paint for the rest of my life.
It's SO pretty.

I decided to play around with Taylor's nails, too.
Mother/daughter manicure day is her new favorite day.
Thanks to Heather and Heather, my little lady now knows all about Mani Monday and keeps checking to see if my polish is chipped and needs to be re-done.

Taylor is sporting a really crummy version of a French Manicure (I have the least steady hand ever!), paired with Shine of the Times.

Let's see how long I can keep up with my pretty nails plan!

Happy Monday!

June 8, 2012

Catching up...

Our life lately through Instagram photos:

I've been trying to think of ways to freeze time.
I've come up with none.
Not awesome.
I craved cake and my husband surprised me by baking one waaayy past our bedtime.
Definitely awesome.

I decided that if I ignore the spelling, I can love this.

I officially look pregnant at every angle.

 A friend gave us tons and tons of newborn through 3-6 months clothing.
She said that more is coming.
We feel so blessed.

Another friend went into labor and let me stay to watch her daughter be born.
I can't ever put into words the feeling I felt watching her enter the world.
It was completely different than giving birth myself, and just as joyous.

 This man celebrated another birthday with me by his side.
Somehow he gets better looking every year.
Not fair, buddy.

I found this vintage lovely in the old box that holds Taylor's dolly clothes.
I had no idea that this hidden treasure was in my house.
Elephants, bunting, and a hood.
This will be happening in Winter.

I discovered stovetop s'mores.
Someone please tell me that I will lose all of this weight once the baby comes.

I played dress up with Baby.
I think he was having fun.


Notice: if you have won a giveaway here and have not received your winnings, please expect an email soon.
Some shops have offered generous gifts to my readers and then have completely disappeared.
I've got my sassy pants on today, and things will be taken care of one way or another.
Pinky promise.


The winner of the Raising Memories Giveaway is:

Please email me within 72 hours to claim your prize!


I received an email not long ago from someone that I talk to via email and Instagram about my personal Facebook account.
She said she felt like a stalker trying to find me and that I didn't show up in search results.
I keep things uber private and I'm pretty sure I don't show up in search results, but that doesn't mean that I don't want you normal people to find me!
Stalkers need not apply.
Same rule goes to crazies.
If you truly want to connect with me, let me know.

I think that covers everything that's been going on lately!
What have YOU been up to?


June 6, 2012

What I Whipped Up Wednesday

I got about an hour and 45 minutes of sleep last night.
I tossed and turned all night, got Taylor ready for school, drove home after dropping her off, and woke up at 11 AM.
My husband nudged me and asked, "Is this the part of the pregnancy where you're really tired and I have to start helping out around the house?"
My response was waking up hours later.

So, this week is super late yet again for the linky.
Next week I'll get my act together and post early.
I'll do a double feature next week, too.

Have fun!
Happy Wednesday.


June 4, 2012

Mustache Bash Baby Shower

Saturday was my baby shower.
I've done the fancy shower before.
I've done the females-only shower before.
I wanted this one to be different.
I think I succeeded.

(Above: My sister and law, myself, and my mother in law)

I went with a mustache theme after seeing so many parties with that theme all over blogland.
Since we're expecting another boy, it worked out perfectly.
I found the most adorable printable party pack online from Paper Heart Company.
They made everything easy... simply print, cut out, and decorate.


You can find the party pack I used HERE.
Paper straws, popcorn bags, and mason jar lids are from HERE.






I kept this shower super simple.
Homemade cupcakes, homemade party favors (see below), and barbequed food.
My dad was in charge of the grill, and my mother in law was in charge of the decor.
I didn't stress over the details, and my biggest stress was getting everyone fed before the party ended.






Each table had utensils,  adhesive fake mustaches, and mason jars to be filled with baby name suggestions.
Some of the names were hilarious.
And the fake mustaches were even funnier.
My brother pulled off the look better than anyone:




I'm so glad that I decided on a co-ed shower!
Thank you to the few friends that came, and to my sweet family that drove hours to help us welcome this baby!

**This post is brought to you by June's premium ad. Please take a minute to visit their site below.**