December 19, 2012

What I Whipped up..Hacked! {Linky Party}

Just call me the Sugar and Dots Christmas Elf..
My name is Rachelle.
Not to be confused with Rachel. 

I have tattoos like a sailor and I'm a fan of cardigans and ballerina buns.
You might know me from a little ol' blog called Fingerprints on the Fridge I'm married to this guy.
When he's not finger painting like that.. he like's to play dress up as well.

In reality, we're just a small family practicing inner peace.

and being ridiculously good looking.

But, in all seriousness, Kimmie is out today. Doing Mommy things like saving the world and winning trophies and said "hey! I can't blog tonight and if WIWU doesn't go up, there will be riots" and, we just can't have riots so close to Christmas.

So since I have time travel capabilities being 4 hours ahead of her in Michigan, I said hey! I'll come wreck up your blog for a bit. So here I am.

Last week she had lots of really awesome entries..

Like this one..

and this one..

Oh! and this one..

You guys kind of rock don't you? I wouldn't expect anything less from her readers.

So how about we party? Yes? Party we shall!

Oh wait, before I go. Let's have a giveaway of sorts, yes? I'd love to offer one of you a LARGE block of free advertising at Fingerprints on the Fridge for the month of January. This is big people! All you've gotta do is leave a comment saying what your favorite thing about Christmas is. Because I'm in the freakin' spirit over here! Don't forget to come say hi on Facebook, and instagram..All the cool kids are. Okay, giveaway and party time.. Ready..set..go!

Let's link up!


  1. My fave thing about Christmas is all the decorations and lights on the houses. Of course I love the reason for the season too little baby Jesus.

    ♥ Ashley

  2. Oh man...choosing a favorite Christmas thing?! Well.. I do wait all year long to put a giant tree in my home and see pretty lights everywhere I go.
    Thanks for another great party!
    With Luck

  3. My favorite thing is spending time/family and worship carols. And food. You didn't mean just one favorite, right;)

  4. My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family, and creating new traditions (like braving Disneyland on Christmas Eve!)

  5. My favorite thing about Christmas is watching the joy and surprise in my children's faces/eyes!
    BTW...What an adorable introduction for this linkup!!!

  6. Thanks for keeping back us foodie rioters. Your support of Kimmie is what I love about Christmas. People just jump in to help. No rhyme or reason or cause. Just love and peace! Merry Christmas!

  7. Hi, I'm a new follower from Yours, Truly. Look forward to reading your blog. Happy Holidays


  8. Hey Rachelle!!
    My favorite thing about Christmas in the anticipation of it all..the decorations, the food, the friends and family and giving out the presents!

  9. Thanks for featuring my necklace! -Jen

  10. My fave thing about Christmas is making my kids wear matching Christmas pj's and watching them open their presents from Santa.

  11. My favorite thing about Christmas is.......the birth of Jesus and all the family time! :)

  12. my favorite thing about christmas is the abundant family time :)

  13. I love you gals :)

    My favorite part of Christmas is the generosity and good it brings out in people.

  14. Next year I'm going to be better about holiday crafts.

  15. Favorite part? Definitely like everything. I love Christmas eve - church services and then we all come home, mom gives us our Christmas jammies (really hope that this isn't my last year of getting them!), and then all of my siblings and I sleep in the theater and fall asleep to Polar Express and The Grinch. Then the younglings wake my brother and I up far too early. It's a problem. But I LOVE CHRISTMAS. so yeah. there. hehe <3

  16. My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my kids and their excitement I see in their little faces!!

  17. My favorite thing is cuddling with my girlies and/or hubby in front of the Christmas tree and fire, with classic Christmas tunes playing in the background. Warm fuzzies like that make my heart happy and make me feel totally blessed.

  18. This is so fun! Love your comparison of your Hubby to the dude from Son's of Anarchy....I seriously think my Hubbs looks like Jax {with short hair}. HAHA! Anyways, I love love love being able to create during Christmas. DIY gifts, DIY decor, and pretty much everything DIY. It brings my creative side out and it is so much fun!!!!

    I would love to win some advertising on your blog Rachelle...but p.s. even if I don't win maybe we could do a swap?? Eh? Come over and check out my blog to see what ya think!

    xoxo ~Jennifer

  19. thanks for hosting. i can't believe we are seriously down to 3 more days...merry christmas!