December 14, 2012


After completing my last final yesterday, I looked forward to today.
Ten years of college behind me.
A new feeling of relief and freedom.
And then I heard the news about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

My heart breaks for these people.
The victims families.
The students who attend the school and heard the tragedy take place.
The students who heard nothing but see the fear in their parents' eyes as they are hugged a bit tighter today.

Today was supposed to be Group Giveaway Day here at Sugar and Dots, but I'm taking today off.
Pressing pause.
Avoiding all things that truly seem to not matter on a day like today.
Squeezing my babies.
So thankful to still have them here with me.
Enjoy the rest of your Friday, friends.


  1. Heavy hearts! Your kiddes are beautiful girl! Cant wait to get together soon!

  2. I feel so saddened by yesterday's loss. I squeezed my baby a little harder last night too.

  3. Beautiful kids! Life's troubles quickly help us to realize what really matters. I'm a new follower from coming from Yours Truly.