December 6, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!

We didn't have cups of hot chocolate or sing carols around the tree.
We didn't hold hands or bask in the glow of the lights as a family.
In fact, we didn't even decorate it all together.
Taylor brought it down from the attic herself the morning after Thanksgiving.
She begged me to get the boxes of decor down from the attic until I finally snapped and told Sedric to get the boxes down.
He had to work (from home), and I was tired and stressed after a rough day with the baby.
I folded some laundry while the kids organized the ornaments.
I nursed Franky to sleep while Warner said, "Let's do the tree nowwwww, Mom!" one thousand times.
I decided to take some pictures while they put the tree together; thinking that I would probably forget this Christmas all together during my sleep-deprived stupor.
It was amusing, to say the least.
And although I would have loved to have an amazing family day decorating the tree, the bills need to get paid and aren't going to pay themselves, and babies have no idea what patience is.
This is our life.
A bit chaotic and disorganized right now.
Busy and silly.
But I love this life of ours.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I love that you have your tree right next to a large mirror what a great way to bounce the light around and make it look even more festive!!!

    ♥ Ashley

  2. I LOVE all these pictures!!! You definitely have an eye for photography (and adorable kids!)

  3. Christmas is so about the kids anyway, I think it's fantastic they're the ones that did the decorating. I know that my husband always got really sad when his mom decorated the tree without him.

  4. Such gorgeous pictures. You have a beautiful family my friend. xo