November 13, 2012

My guilty pleasure. (Plus a giveaway!)

Have you ever gotten a pedicure and realized that during that time, you were just as happy as if you were on vacation?
For mothers, I know that mommy alone time is sacred.
For women everywhere, I believe that finding time to be alone and enjoy some peace and quiet is crucial to being a happy, healthy person.
How much better do you feel after taking a long bath, or after you've curled up on the couch with a good book?
My guilty pleasure and key to sanity is PEOPLE MAGAZINE.


Even if I am standing in line and can sneak in thirty seconds to brief an article after putting all of my groceries up on the checkout stand, I am happier.
My very favorite article is always "Who Wore It Best?"
Being a blogger, I'm a fan of seeing things done two different ways.
It's like an idea on Pinterest... two people can turn one thing into something very, very different.
I love seeing the creativity that people have with fashion and style.
Do you like comparing looks like that, too?
I could do that for hours.
Comparing and contrasting.
Skimming photos back and forth.
Over and over.
Until I hear, "Ma'am... your groceries...?"
Oh. Right.
And then I hand over my issue of People and tell the cashier that I will take that, too.

I can't wait to... umm... read the articles.

 Who do you think will win?!
I have a feeling that my CELEBRITY CRUSH won't make the cut.
I'd love to hear who you think should grace the front cover and get the title!
This issue will only be available for two weeks- make sure you grab a copy.
Want some shopping money towards picking up an issue for yourself?


How about a $20.00 gift card to Walgreens?
You could buy like, five issues of PEOPLE MAGAZINE.
Just saying.


Leave a comment below telling me who has been your favorite SEXIEST MAN ALIVE in the past issues.
Winner will be chosen next Wednesday via
Good luck!