September 24, 2012

Daisy Girl Scout Inspired Hair Clip Tutorial

I posted the above picture on my blog shortly after starting it.
Back when I had a little Daisy Girl Scout at home.
I'ts only been about two years, and she already seems so much bigger.
Enjoy the Daisy time- it flies by!

Back when Taylor was a Daisy, I made a clip for every girl in her troop.
They all matched in their little vests and clips.
It was so sweet, (and so great for all of those outings with other troops- ours was always easy to spot in a crowd!)
These are simple to make- I'm going to show you how.

-You will need ribbon in the following colors to abide by the Girl Scout Pledge:

Promise Center - Daisy Blue (thicker ribbon)
Light Blue - Honest and Fair
Yellow - Friendly and Helpful
Light Green - Considerate and Caring
Red- Courageous and Strong
Orange - Responsible for what I say and do
Purple - Respect myself and Others
Magenta - Respect Authority
Green - Use resources wisely
Rose - Make the world a better place
Violet - Be a sister to every Girl Scout 
-hot glue gun
-hot glue stick(s)
-french or alligator clip
-lighter/candle (optional)

Cut each ribbon into 2 or 3 inch strips.
The longer your ribbon, the bigger the petal.
The bigger the petal, the bigger the hair clip.

You can either burn the edges or leave them frayed.
I always sear the edges.
After you get the petal pieces ready, cut a small square from your felt.
A 2"x2" would be the smallest I'd make it- you can always trim excess later.
Cut a circle from your Daisy blue thicker ribbon.
Sear the edges carefully.
Remember that it shouldn't be a perfect circle- just like the patch.
You should have supplies that look like this now:

1. Loop ribbon to create a petal and secure the bottom with a small dab of hot glue.
2. Glue your petal off-center onto your piece of felt.
3. Continue layering your petals all the way around your felt piece
4. Turn your petals over and trim excess felt.

You'll need the excess felt to secure a clip to the back.
I prefer french clips because they're perfect for active outings.

Flip your petals over and and secure the seared Daisy blue "circle" to the front with hot glue.

Your clip is ready for your Daisy!


  1. This is so sweet! I remember being a Daisy many moons ago!

  2. I started off as a brownie, so I missed those daisy days!

  3. This is easy enough :) Thanks for sharing this tutorial. My daughter Mackenzie is in Daisy's this year - this will be great to make for the troop!

  4. this is daughter would LOVE making some of these with me, especially for her friends! :) thanks for the great photo tutorial! :)


  5. This is so pretty! Thanks for showing how to make them.

  6. Where did you get your ribbon? I love the texture.

  7. Great tutorial! My daughter will be all over this. She is the crafty one! Also, LOVE that headband you made!!!