Thursday, June 28, 2012

Washi Tape Mantel

This is the first house that I have lived in with my husband that has a mantel.
It was one of the reasons I wanted to move here.
After we moved in, I realized that I liked the idea of a mantel, and didn't love the wood that ours was made from.
After a year of trying to distract everyone's eyes from the wood with random decor, I realized that I could cover the entire thing in washi tape and didn't have to live with any regrets if I didn't love it.
Thankfully, I love it.

(If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw these photos back in early May.)

I bought two packs of the teal washi tape sold at Target.

I used the solid teal colored tape, and simply lined the mantel one strip at a time, slightly overlapping each row.

I decided to add one row of polkadot tape for fun.
(Also from Target.)

The entire process took only a few minutes, and it added the perfect pop of color to our living room.
And when I decide that teal is no longer my favorite color, one of the kids takes a permanent marker to the mantel, or we decide to move- it comes off in about one minute.

If you fear change, are indecisive, live in a rental, or like to constantly switch-up your decor, I highly recommend covering a piece of furniture (or two) with washi tape!

Happy Thursday.


  1. LOVE IT!!! Also love the books in the fire place, having a toddler and hairy animals makes me want no part in actually having fire in my fireplace and my bookshelf is just looking cluttered. I may have to try this!

    Do you think I could cover our entire brick fireplace and brick mantle in washi tape?

  2. This is such a lovely mantel, a great update, looks painted!

    I agree, the books look great in the fireplace, and great jar collection too, I love everything about this fireplace!

  3. love this! such a good idea and it turned out so cute!

  4. that is such a cute idea!!!! mind if i try that sometime?

  5. that is such a cute idea!!!! mind if i try that sometime?

  6. that is such a cute idea!!!! mind if i try that sometime?

  7. that is such a cute idea!!!! mind if i try that sometime?

  8. I LOVE the look of the books in the fireplace! SO rad.

  9. Shared on my FB page... so cool!
    Love you girl :)

  10. What a great idea! I might have to do that to my mantel in Patriotic colors for the 4th of July!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. What a great idea! The finished product is adorable!

  12. I love it...and I love that ribbon garland too...its sooo sweet!

  13. Love it - and it's even better in person! :-)

    I'm a total fireplace lover - I definitely think it makes the home!

  14. what a great idea! I haven't used washi tape before and i love it!!

  15. It looks SO cute, I love it!

  16. What a cute idea! It really brightens up the whole look! Love washi tape so much.
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  17. im obsessed with washi tape! this is SO fun!

  18. Love the detail it added. I really need to try Washi tape! Would love for you to come visit my Get Social Sunday link party and show off your awesome blog!



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