March 31, 2011

Facts that I realized at Target.

This cup is not G-rated. FACT.

I will purchase anything with "white chocolate" and "wonderful" on the same label.

This owl looks more like a penguin, but for $1.00, penguin-owl hybrids become my new favorite animal. FACT.

Coke Zero is missing the most boxes and is the smallest supply. Math isn't my strongest subject, but this doesn't make sense.

If these were boxes of "OOPS! All marshmallows!" by Lucky Charms, they would be way better.

Happy Thursday.

March 30, 2011

What I Whipped Up Wednesday- Week 22

Happy Wednesday!
Last week was an incredible party...but I won't be featuring anyone from last week today.
A few weeks ago, I commented on a linked-up project saying that I would be featuring them during a linky party.
And then I was totally lame and somehow didn't include their feature.
So this week, they are in the spotlight.
Alone and fabulous.

Melissa made these adorable pillows that were inspired by a post over at Freshly Picked. These pillows are not only adorbs, but Melissa showed them off even though she usually keeps her family off of her blog. Stepping out of her comfort zone made this link-up even more awesome.

Next week I will do a massive double-feature post!
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March 29, 2011

Craft Night + Dessert Recipes + Lemi Shine

A few days after we found out we were moving, Lemi Shine contacted me about hosting a house party and offering my party guests awesome freebies.
I am always on board with all things Lemi Shine, so of course I agreed.
Once we were settled into our new house, we got the date worked out, and I invited local bloggers to come craft at my house.
I promised goody bags, cupcakes, and crafting.
I nailed two out of three.

 (Left to right: Me, Kristen, Jennifer, Alissa, and Andrea. Photo courtesy of sweet Nicole.)

I sent everyone home with boxes of homemade cupcakes:

I am not an awesome hostess. I emailed everyone the day before they were to come over, telling them that while they were at my house, they would probably tell me that they were dying of thirst and should probably bring their own toilet paper. It turns out that I remembered to provide T.P. and drinks afterall, and I even whipped out some fancy paper straws by DimeStoreBuddy.

Unfortunately, I forgot all about the "crafting" part of my promise when I realized we had been sitting in my kitchen for three hours chatting about crafting.
Craft night FAIL.
I did end up digging out a little bit of my fabric collection and taught the girls how to make Frayed Blooms.
(And sent them each home with one clipped to a Lemi Shine reusable tote bag.)

They also got some samples that will change their lives.

Some girls had to leave early, and one girl was under the weather and couldn't make it.
(Hope you're feeling better, Kyla!)

Me and Kara-Noel.

Me and Mandy.

It wasn't the most creative evening, but it was the first time I had anyone over to the new house, and I met half of them for the first time that night. Having just a few hours to connect in-person with the bloggers that I connect with via Twitter and blogging was truly fabulous.
I am so thankful to call these women my friends.
I'm even more thankful that they taste-tested all of my sweets.

The recipe for Crazy Yummy Cookies can be found here.

Easy peasy recipes below...

Oreo Cupcakes:

Reese's Pieces Cupcakes (I used chocolate icing):

Thank you, Lemi Shine for continuing to be awesome and for spreading the joy whenever you can.
And thank you, friends, for coming over and hardly crafting.

There will be Lemi Shine giveaways at almost all of the craft night attendees' blogs, so be sure to scroll up, click on their names, and follow them to keep up with their loveliness!

Happy Tuesday.

March 26, 2011

Saturday Sponsor Spotlight

Want a one-stop-shop for all things awesome?
Good, because you've found it. ;)
Pull up a chair and grab a snack...these people are going to have you glued to your computer all weekend:

Kim's Kandy Kreations
Kim has a blog full of sweetness. Literally. She blogs about fun projects that are mostly created from sugar. Her posts are inspiring and the photos she posts will make you want to keep coming back for more. Have a napkin handy- her photos will make you drool.

Sure Cuts A Lot for Cricut
Sure Cuts A Lot came around before the Silhouette SD machine, and I am honored that they have provided me with a link to offer you the best deals. I can't say enough good things about the software. If you still don't own a Silhouette SD but want the same creative freedom, I highly recommend this product! If you have a Cricut, you need this. For reals.

Fingerprints on the Fridge
Rachelle is my blogging BFF. Her text messages should be printed into book format and published so that the world can fully appreciate her wit and sarcasm. Oh, and she's talented. She makes rad things like jute monograms and sells them in her shop. She also does crazy awesome makeovers throughout her house. Visit her. You'll love her.

Shey[B] The Camera Strap Girl
I adore Shealynn. She is so encouraging and thoughtful, and always says something sweet to me via Twitter. She creates incredible camera straps and fun gifts for you and your loved ones. Check her out and fall in love.

Tatertots and Jello
You all know Jen. She is the queen of blogland and one of my favorite bloggers. Her endless support and kindness is so appreciated; and I know I'm not the only one that she's lending a helping hand to. If you read her blog, then you know what I mean. Her home is amazing, and her creativity is jealousy-inducing. I doubt you aren't already her biggest fan, but just in case you're not yet, go see how amazing she is for yourself!

The Pleated Polkadot
Melissa has an adorable shop filled with amazing high-quality items in bright, happy colors. I adore her blog full of sweet thoughts and great ideas. She has talent oozing out of every part of her internet persona! Seriously, if I could even get the guts to attempt one of her adorbs clutches, I'd be happy. Visit her links and enjoy!

Four Flights of Fancy
Andrea is actually my daughter's friend's mom's sister-in-law. Did you get all of that? I officially met her at Blog*Sugar, but adored her via her blog and shop way before then. She is quite the fashionista, and this year, she is a fashionista with a budget and a plan. Her "Project 2011" posts will inspire you! Oh, and to top it off, she lives next door to a castle and can sew like a pro. I'm not kidding.

Angel Face Designs
Heather is so stinkin' cute that she kills me! Her family is stunning and she always has the kindest things to say about everything. She owns and creates adorable jewelry, and blogs about amazing parties that she throws. She is funny and kind, and once you've gotten to know her even a little bit, you'll be hooked!

Sew Chatty
How cute are Elizabeth's blog and shop name?! Almost as cute as her products. ;) Seriously, this girl can sew! She uses the coolest fabric, and her products are adorable. She is constantly rockin' booths at local craft fairs, but right now her shop is fully stocked again and no longer on "vacation" mode. Go check her out- you'll thank me later.

The Elephant's Trunk
Being a lover of all things elephant, obvs I think Lauren's blog name is perfection. The design just so happens to be adorable, too. And you should see her shop! Pure cuteness. Really, she makes being a party hostess look easy with all of her fun accessories.

The Country Chic Cottage
Angie saved my blog from falling apart at the seams. I was at a total loss and cried out for help on Twitter. She immediately responded with exactly what I needed to hear, and I am forever grateful. You should visit her radtastic blog and say hello. Kind people make the world go 'round! Oh, and she also has a shop full of some beautiful items that I know you'll love.

A huge thank you to all of my sponsors and to all of my readers who continue to support Sugar and Dots!

Happy Saturday.

March 24, 2011

Spring Sponsor Special!

March 22, 2011

What I Whipped Up Wednesday + Winner Announced

Hello pretty people!
How was your week?
Mine included a couple broken ribs, lots of time sitting and working on Etsy orders, and creating something new.
Want to see what I whipped up?

Pony hair clips will be added to my shop sometime soon!
I also made a white one with the same pink bridal.
Like I said, lots of sitting.
I'm kind of feeling like a squirrel on PCP right stinkin' amped to get this house unpacked and I have so much pent up energy.
Perhaps I should gear some of that energy towards blogging...

Last week:

Meagan showed off the amazing chalkboard in her dining room:

Ange re-did her kids' playroom, and it is so lovely:

Rachel created not one, but TWO fantastic dresses & gives full tutorials:

Ashley made glowing ratan balls that I adore:

Momma Hen transformed an old coffe table into this swoon-worthy masterpiece:

The Path Less Traveled linked up an adorable garland that is raising money for Japan:

Oh how I adore the pretty Spring colors in the photos above!
I'm not sure if Spring is my favorite, but I can definitely say that Winter is my fourth favorite season.

And now for the winner of the Shey[B] and Sugar and Dots giveaway:
According to, the winner is...

Comment #30, TyandWhitty!
Congratulations, Whitney! Be sure to look out for an email from me explaining how to get your goods. :)

Ready to link up?
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1. Must be your post- any idea, recipe, project, craft, tutorial, or makeover you'd like to share.
2. Must be linked to the specific post; not just your blog's URL.
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Happy Wednesday!