March 15, 2011

What I wore (...and why I never show you).

You know those posts where people show you what they wore recently with a break-down of each and every item and where they got it?
You know how they have super cute accessories by amazing handmade shops that they link to?
You know how they tell you that they bought their jeans on sale for $30.00 and how you can be jealous?
This isn't one of those posts.
Ninety percent of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores and yard sales.
And not in the awesome I-bought-it-at-a-thrift-store-and-refashioned-it kind of way.
I mean, the grand total for most of my outfits (including shoes) on a typical day is $6.00.
I have never participated in those linky parties because to be honest, I'm embarrassed.
Until we moved, I never had a full-size mirror to take photos in.
Now that we've moved, I have no idea which box has our bed frame in it, and I have one bottom sheet and one comforter until I unpack the king size linens.
Most of the time I don't wear makeup.
When my hair is up, it means that I haven't showered.
I may or may not shower later that night.
And my body is not in the shape it was in a few months ago when I got my money's worth from my Nike+ shoes and my treadmill.
I feel like I'm falling apart.
The only way to build myself up is by accepting the truth, avoiding denial, and trying to change.
These photos hold me accountable.
I should really try to unpack everything.
It's a daunting task, and I am super good at avoiding it completely.
But looking at these photos, I see what everyone else sees in me, and I'm going to fix that.
Say goodbye to this girl:
And yes, I did have a 104 degree fever in four of these photos.
But again with the denial...time to lose it.
And time to unpack.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

P.S. See that Google Friend Connect number? You know what that means! See you tomorrow for a giveaway.


  1. Girl, I still think you look fab! Moving is HARD work, esp. with kids! Unpacking will get there.

  2. YOU ARE ADORABLE!! Seriously, give yourself a break. Maybe you stink real bad from the no showering, but at least you look great ;)

  3. I just started shredding in hopes to get my body back. You look fab. Happy unpacking!

  4. Take a hike mean commenter. You are gorgeous. They are jealous. The end.

  5. You look hot. If only I looked that good! :)

  6. I agree with the ladies above (not the jerk...) but you look great! Wish my clothes were as cute and that I was in as good of shape!

  7. You are adorable!!! I agree with Melinda.. I wish I was in that great of shape!! Don't let rude "anonymous" posters bring ya down!!

  8. Oh I totally forgot it's the cool thing to do to leave mean comments on someones blog. Totally forgot.

    Good thing I like Jesus, or I'd have a few choice words for you.

    Bless your heart, annon.

    xo :)

  9. I think you look great!! Id be happy to be your size and shape!! I know everyone has their own body issues though! I hear you about unpacking! Im a Marine wife and we have moved 4times in the last two years...NOT FUN! Id rather throw everything away and buy new every move...if only money grew on trees!

  10. I love you, so I'm gonna shoot you straight, m'kay? Shut up (said in love), you are gorgeous...and look adorable in. every. shot. Fo' real. The fact that you can BLESS your family with $6.00 outfits form head to toe is NO small feat girl...that is huge! The fact that you pull it off looking so cute is equally a big deal. Don't sell yourself short! I think it's great you are challenging yourself in an area you think you need improvement, but embrace your budget, your style, your shopping gifting (I'm jealous) and own it...cuz you look great! Love you girl!

  11. Seriously Anon? Grr back off my friend! Love, love, love you K!

  12. I think you look fabulous! :) And I am the same way...if my hair is up it's usually because I haven't showered that day either!

    Have a great day! And if I were you, I wouldn't allow anonymous comments any more! :)

  13. to the chicken shit anonymous poster.... GTFO. kimmie, don't let this one person get to you. they posted anonymously for a reason. some people feel the need to bring other people down because of the terrible things going on in their own lives. what that person did had nothing to do with you. remember that. jealously reared its ugly head. AND.... you look FAB!

  14. seriously. you just described my entire wardrobe. and we've lived here 4 years, so i have no excuse for the unshowered look i've got going on. hope anony. knows about karma, cause it's coming! :)

  15. Wow Anonymous... That was interesting. The only reason they posted as anonymous is because they couldn't back they're words up with an identity... Don't let that IDIOT ruin your day Miss Kimmie!!! You are a doll!!! And sick or not... YOU look lovely!

    Moving is tough girl... Give yourself a break! :)

  16. I think you start a new linky party, "What I Really Wore Wednesday (you know when I was scrubbing the toilet, cleaning up after little monsters, getting breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table...)" You look FABULOUS! Much better on a "bad" day than I look on a good day ♥


  17. Ok, you are super duper cute - and your wardrobe is awesome! I'm actually jealous! You look great and have great thrift store sense - because your outfits are great!


  18. I read the post and smiled at the pictures and thought how adorable. I understand why you erased the nasty anonymous comment--totally pulled the converstaion the wrong way. BUT now I'm sitting here completely dumbstruck trying to figure out what negative thing they could have said about you. I spend much of my day biting my tongue and i CANNOT for the life of me think of anything negative to say. I'm stumped.

    Your georgous and beautiful and somehow adorable too. Dont know how you pull that off. Might be annoying if you werent such a sweetheart with such a huge heart.

    OK Anonymous, Come see me.

  19. I started linking up to WIWW to MAKE myself put effort into ME. It's easy to ignore yourself, or be a slouch. It takes much more effort to get up, dressed, get make up on, hair done (not that I ever do!), and get out the door...with kids in tow. You are cute even in these pics where you think you are not. Can't WAIT to see how adorable you will will be next week. ;) meagan @

  20. you are sooooooo cute!! i love you hehe!! btw, thanks for sharing my mac and cheese up there!! i wish i whipped something up for this week so i could enter the giveaway, boo!! hehe

  21. You are way to hard on your self! I love the photo with the kiddo peeking around, so cute. Don't forget....nothing is ever as perfect as it seems. When you are looking at those perfectly perfect "what I'm wearing today" posts your only seeing a small portion of the big picture. I tell ya though, your honesty is refreshing!

    Jo @ SmileMonsters