February 13, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight

I have been putting off this post for so long because I keep planning on re-designing my blog and switching things up with my sponsors section.
Obviously my blog design hasn't changed and I have gazillion things on my plate to accomplish before that can happen.
I worked on an idea for a new header today.

If I decide that I hate this one, too, after some time, it will become a blog button option for you lovelies.
Blog design is impossible when I can't categorize my blog into a particuliar genre.
Please tell me you've struggled with that, too.

Moving on...

Have you checked out the wonderful links on my sidebar recently?
I am thrilled that I can actually say that I would shop from and have lunch with any of my sponsors.
They are beyond rad!

Sure Cuts A Lot for Cricut
Sure Cuts A Lot came around before the Silhouette SD machine, and I became so pro at it that it helped me create things like sperm confetti and silhouettes of my family. I am honored that they have provided me with a link to offer you the best deals, and I can't say enough good things about the software. If you still don't own a Silhouette SD but want the same creative freedom, I highly recommend this product! If you have a Cricut, you need this. For reals.

Fingerprints on the Fridge
Rachelle is so funny that she makes me pee. Okay, that probably isn't a selling point, but seriously, her text messages should be printed into book format and published so that the world can fully appreciate her wit and sarcasm. Oh, and she's talented. She makes rad things like jute monograms and sells them in her shop. She also does crazy awesome makeovers throughout her house. Visit her. You'll love her.

Shey[B] The Camera Strap Girl
I adore Shealynn. She is so encouraging and thoughtful, and always says something sweet to me via Twitter. I love that she supports this blog and I love even more that she has a fun surprise for Sugar and Dots readers once I get my act together with the blog re-design! She creates incredible camera straps and fun gifts for you and your loved ones. Check her out and fall in love.

Tatertots and Jello
You all know Jen. She is the queen of blogland and one of my favorite bloggers. Her endless support and kindness is so appreciated; and I know I'm not the only one that she's lending a helping hand to. If you read her blog, then you know what I mean. Her home is amazing, and her creativity is jealousy-inducing. I doubt you aren't already her biggest fan, but just in case you're not yet, go see how amazing she is for yourself!

Heather Myers Graphic Design
I met sweet Heather a few months after starting this blog, and fell in love with her business card. When I found out that she designed her logo herself, I had to know more. Turns out, the pretty mama is uber talented and creates mini-masterpieces in her spare time. She is the brain behind the logo for Blog*Sugar, and would love to create something specifically for you. She is quick to respond to email, and is fantastic to work with! If you're trying to come up with the perfect look for your blog, shop, or business card, she is the girl for you!

The Pleated Polkadot
Melissa has an adorable shop filled with amazing high-quality items in bright, happy colors. I adore her blog full of sweet thoughts and great ideas. She has talent oozing out of every part of her internet persona! Seriously, if I could even get the guts to attempt one of her adorbs clutches, I'd be happy. Visit her links and enjoy!

Four Flights of Fancy
Andrea is actually my daughter's friend's mom's sister-in-law. Did you get all of that? I officially met her at Blog*Sugar, but adored her via her blog and shop way before then. She is quite the fashionista, and this year, she is a fashionista with a budget and a plan. Her "Project 2011" posts will inspire you! Oh, and to top it off, she lives next door to a castle and can sew like a pro. I'm not kidding.

Angel Face Designs
Heather is so stinkin' cute that she kills me! Her family is stunning and she has great taste in dog breeds (we have the same breeds and love all of our pups!). She owns and creates adorable jewelry, and she blogs about amazing parties that she throws and other fab aspects of her happy life. She is funny and kind, and once you've gotten to know her even a little bit, you'll be hooked!

Sew Chatty
How cute are Elizabeth's blog and shop name?! Almost as cute as her products. ;) Seriously, this girl can sew! She uses the coolest fabric, and her products are all adorable. Her shop is currently on vacation, but that's only because she's out selling her goods like a mad woman at craft fairs. Stick around, because her items are "sew" cute!

Moxie Mandie
I discovered Mandie on Twitter, and could not have found a more perfect zippered pouch for myself! The fabric matches my blog's polkadot background beautifully, and the quality of her products is fantastic! She even sent The Girl her own zippered pouch as a birthday gift with my order. Great customer service is my favorite thing on the planet, and Mandie goes above and beyond for her customers!

A huge thank you to all of my sponsors and to all of my readers who continue to support Sugar and Dots!


  1. Awww, thanks sweet K! Personally, I love the look of your site, but I know how we girls can get bored! :)

    Hope you have a super love-y day!

  2. Thanks so much for the love :) I love your site, but I get the whole ADD thing :P I already want to change mine up too! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!