February 24, 2011

Five years.

Today is Riley's fifth birthday.
I have never had a full-term pregnancy, but this one was the most difficult delivery.
You can read Riley's story here.
Or you can choose not to.
Either way, today is Riley's 5th birthday.
And I will celebrate all that Riley's story has brought me.
The list is long.
Riley is so much a part of my future and not just a part of my past.
Just knowing that is comforting during a time when comfort is difficult to seek.
Thank you all so much for your kind words.
I will respond to each and every email and comment soon.
Sending you my love today.



  1. I have said this before to you...but I will say it again. You are such an amazing and strong woman. I think its so inspirational that you have shared Riley's story with the world. I know you have helped me so much through my miscarriage. I still cry when I read your story and I will be thinking and praying for your on this anniversary. Much love.

  2. I had a similar experience and am not nearly as brave as you to share it with everyone. I am so touched!! Thank you for sharing, and I am so happy to hear your family is back together. Prayers to your family on such a sad anniversary...

  3. Happy thoughts and wishes today for Riley's 5th birthday!!! :) Carry on sweet lady!

  4. Happy Birthday Riley! And sending prayers and thoughts your way again Kimmie. Thank you for sharing your story. You are incredibly strong and brave. I admire you.

  5. Happy birthday Riley! A little angel who earned wings far too soon... many hugs to you and your family Kimmie

  6. Happy Birthday baby Riley! Sending you tons of virtual hugs today...

  7. {{HUGS}} for you today my friend. And Happy Birthday to Angel Baby Riley. I lost my first baby early on in pregnancy and I didn't talk about it, because I thought others would think I was silly. I appreciate you sharing Riley's story. It makes the rest of of us stronger. I loved how Jeannett put it:

    "because the truth is that once you see that second pink line…

    you set a place at the table for your baby.

    vacations and trips are planned and unplanned.

    bedroom assignments are discussed.

    visions of laughing, playing and fighting.

    no matter how small and how new, that baby has a place deeply entrenched in your family."

    I'm thinking of all the angel babies today and praying for their mamas.