January 13, 2011

ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! (Plus a Guest Post by Jen from Tatertots and Jello and a Special Giveaway!)

I think that the title sums it up nicely, no?
Happy one year blogiversary, Sugar and Dots!
You have morphed from Fancy Kimmie, to Live Fancy, to Sugar and Dots.
You have had more headers and backgrounds than I can count.
(More coming soon...ha! I had planned on a big blog reveal with lots of new features, but I'm not sold on the blog design...hoping to have it up sometime next week!)
You have brought me friendships and helped me connect with women through topics that I thought I was alone with.
I have been attacked via comments, emails, and tweets.
I have grown stronger and have gained confidence.
This little blog has brought me more than I even knew existed.
And I owe it all to you, my readers.
Thank you.
Each and every one of you.
Mushy enough?
Let's move on...

When I first started blogging, I came across a blog that I spent hours on.
I read through old posts, and hopped from sponsor to sponsor.
I clicked on the commenter's profiles and created a reading list of my own.
Reading this blog lead me to an assortment of bloggers...crafters, artists, working moms, bakers...
I spent my first two months of blogging practically stalking this blogger's site.
And now, here she is guest posting for me:

Hi there!! I'm Jen from Tatertots and Jello and I am so excited to be here. 
I just adore Kimmie and think she is the sweetest person and so so talented!! 

I'd love to show you a little project that would make a 
fun homemade Valentine's Day gift this year -- Beaded Heart Jewelry.

You can make these beaded hearts and then make them into earrings or different necklaces. And you can make them different sizes -- for any taste or age!! 

Here's What You Need: 

Beads. I used 4 mm Swarkovski crystals {from Michael's} but any bead will work.
Wire -- if you are using 4mm beads or smaller you will need to use 24 gauge wire.
Jump Rings {1 per heart for earrings, 6 per heart for necklaces}
Earring wires {if making earrings}
Ribbon and ribbon findings {if making necklaces}
Lobster Claw {if making necklaces}
Gorilla Glue or Super Glue {if making necklaces}
A few links of extra jewerly chain {optional - if making necklaces

Here's what you do: 

  • Make the Heart. Cut a 6 inch piece of wire. Fold it in half. Ten bend each wire in an arc to make the top of the heart. 
  • String the beads on each side of the heart. I put 4 beads on one side, then bent the wire down to make the top of each side of the heart. Then I added another 8 beads to each side = 12 beads on each side of the heart. 
  • Once each side have beads on it, then make a loop on both sides. Loop the tail around the base of the loop on one of the sides. Cut off excess with wire cutting pliers.
  • Put the end of the tail through the loop you just created. Fit the loop of this circle inside the other loop. Then wrap the tail around that loop and cut off the excess. You can use your fingers to make the heart perfectly symmetrical by moving the wire around once the heart is created. 
  • If you are making earrings, put a jump ring through the side of one of the sides of the heart and also attach that jump ring to an earring wire. Close with your pliers. You are done now if you are making just earrings.
  • If you are making a necklace, you can put one jump ring through so it hangs off center -- like above. Or two jump rings at both side of the heart so it hangs straight.
  • Now measure your ribbon - cute the ribbon to any length you want. I made mine 16 inches long. Then cut the ribbon in half - so you have two halves.
  •  Take out four Fold Over Ribbon Clamps {you can get these in the jewerly section of your craft store}. Put a drop of Gorilla Glue inside the clamp and then put an end of the ribbon inside and fold the clamp over, securing with your pliers. Do this with all four edges of the ribbon. Let dry for an hour or so. 
  • Attach a jump ring through all four clamps. Attach the jump rings on two sides to the jump ring attached to the heart. Then attach the jump ring to another end of the ribbon to the lobster claw. 
  • And attach the last jump ring to a small section of chain. This will let your necklace be adjustable. Close with your pliers. 

Now you have a homemade, inexpensive gift to give this Valentine's Day. You could even make a more manly version of the heart made out of chunkier beads or even silver beads and attach it to a keychain for your husband or boyfriend!! 

Thanks for letting me stop by. It's been so fun!!! 


Seriously how stinkin' cute is Jen?!
Having her here on my blogiversary is the biggest gift I could have received.
Thank you for being here, sweet friend!
You know how much I adore you.
Since I gifted myself, it's time to gift you, my lovely readers!
I am offering you one set of Frayed Blooms:
(Styles may vary...visit my shop for more fabric options.)

And $25.00 towards any of my sponsors!
(Feel free to split the money among several amazing shops!)

Happy Hygiene
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Moxie Mandie

To enter:

You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect.
1. Leave me a comment letting me know that you already follow, or say hi if you're new!
2. Tweet/Facebook/Blog about this giveaway and post a comment with the direct link to your shout out.
3. Follow @SugarAndDots on Twitter and let me know that you do.
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Here is a sample tweet to help get you started:
"I just entered the giveaway by @SugarAndDots! http://tinyurl.com/4g8zs3j"

Winner will be announced during What I Whipped Up Wednesday next week.

Good luck and THANK YOU so much...for everything.


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