September 29, 2010

What She Wore Wednesday #3

{To see what "WIWW" means at our house, click here.}

Here is The Girl during her second full week at school:

Monday September 22, 2010

Top: Hand me down
Pants: Lincoln Thrift Store
Shoes: Walmart

Tuesday September 21, 2010

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Tights: Target
Shoes: Payless

Wednesday September 22, 2010

Tank: Old Navy
Sweater: Goodwill
Jeans: Walmart
Shoes: Craigslist

Thursday September 23, 2010

Jacket: Hand me down
Top: Can't remember. It was a dress she got in preschool!
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Christmas gift from Nana

Friday September 24, 2010

Tank with attached vest: Target
Skirt: Justice
Boots: Justice

Looking at these clothes make me hot.
I can't believe she was able to wear pants last week...and a jacket!
It was 109 degrees here on Monday.
You'll see this week's clothes next week.
There's not much to see...layers are so much cuter when you're not allowed to wear sundresses and flip flops at school.

Happy Wednesday. (again)

Feeling good.

So often I share with you when times are hard.
When I need a prayer.
Or an encouraging word.
Today is different.
I am sharing with you my joy.
My happiness.
Last night I fell asleep crying.
I woke up with tired, sore eyes and a scratchy throat.
This morning The Girl woke up without a complaint.
She was jolly and sweet in her crumpled pajamas and morning "dragon breath".
She wiped sleep from her eyes with a smile on her face and said, "Look Mommy! The sun is just waking up! Do you see it? It's making the sky pink and purple!"
She giggled.
Watching her complete her morning routine while admiring the sky was so sweet.
So innocent and happy for a child.
She walked to school hand-in-hand with mine, and met up with her friends.
She waved goodbye to me and called out in front of everyone, "I love you Mommy! Have a good day!"
I'm not sure when morning like this will stop, but I know they will.
And I'm okay with that.
Because I will be able to look back one day and read her words and remember her little face as she said them.
At least, I hope to.
And when I came home from taking her to school, Hubby woke up and started blasting all of my favorite songs.
{none of which are appropriate for children, and all of which make me wish so much harder for my husband to be able to dance with me again}
He sang along.
I did the dishes and listened to him sing "Like a G6" over and over.
I made coffee and sang along with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias.
Our house sounded like a club.
{sorry, neighbors}
And while The Boy continued to sleep upstairs, we were caught in a moment of pure happiness- singing explicit lyrics like we were singing along with The Wiggles.
Watching the music videos.
Free of worry and pain and stress.
Have you ever heard a song and had it change your entire mood?
I was already in a great mood from The Girl's cuteness.
The music was the cherry on top.
A couple hours later, Hubby was at work and The Boy was eating a snack.
I hopped onto my laptop at the kitchen table next to him and checked on my blog.
(Everything was converted last night, so I was worried that it would still have an error message.)
My blog is running.
It's under the new URL.
The URL that I came up with myself.
Below that is the blog I designed myself, among the words that come from my crazy brain and my sensitive heart.
It's all me.
What an amazing feeling that is!
Yesterday while re-doing my site, I found the Stats tab in Blogger.
{Hel-lo! Did you know that was there?!}
I checked my Stats for this morning and at 9:00 AM I see this under Pageviews by Countries:

United States 371
United Kingdom 39
Brazil 21
Greece 9
Germany 8
France 6
Poland 4
Australia 3
Mexico 3
Russia 3

That is the audience I have had between noon yesterday and 9:00 AM today.
If you have a very successful blog, this of course means nothing to you.
These numbers would be small to you.
But for me, this is huge.
I would edit them to make me seem cooler, but the point is to remember what the numbers once were.
How amazing that people all over the WORLD are reading my words.
Hello, world.
I had no idea you were out there visiting me.
How freakin' rad.

I think I am in love with today.
That's all I wanted to say.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

September 28, 2010

Goodbye, Live Fancy. (longest goodbye ever)

I started my blog 258 days ago.
I was inspired by some family friends that had blogs about their families and tied in a craft project every now and then.
They didn't have "followers" and I had no idea that blogging was popular.
I really didn't even know it existed other than for updating family members and friends.
When Julie told me to start a blog, I decided to give it a go.
Her site was amazing, but since it was a "dot com" I really didn't ever connect blogging with her blog.
And admitting that makes me feel like the biggest idiot ever.
I started because I didn't know what I wanted to blog about, but knew I wanted it to feel fancy.
Turns out you don't have to name your blog only based on the reading material.
(Ever been to Fingerprints on the Fridge? Yeah, she doesn't blog about ways to tackle fingerprint smudges. But alas, I am lame and even when naming my blog, I didn't realize I'd have followers, and I didn't realize the blogland that awaited me.)
I had a horribly Photoshopped blog header that said Fancy Kimmie and the definition of "fancy" that was so long and in such small print, it's a wonder I ever had anyone stay on my page for more than a few seconds.
I eventually switched to "Live Fancy" a few months later, thinking that it still fit with my blog's URL.
And then you all read the post about switching things up and finally finding the name that represents me.
I don't think anyone who starts a blog without ever having blogged before, really grasps their name and blog meaning before the process begins.
Does that make sense?
At Blog Sugar, we discussed the meaning of our blogs.
What is the purpose?
I still don't have one, and I think about it every single time I click the "create new post" button.
I have The Seinfeld Blog: A Blog About Nothing.
I would love to name my blog that, but unless you watched Seinfeld and truly understand that the show was about so much more than "nothing" then I have a feeling I'd lose people at the sight of the title.
It's true though.
My blog is about my life.
I love sharing what we've been up to.
The good.
The bad.
The sweet, messy, wacky happiness that we call life.
We have been through hell again and again and again.
Yet sharing everything brings me support and friendship and joy in ways I could only hope for.
My readers are amazing.
But even living my own definition of fancy doesn't suffice.
It isn't fancy.
It is sticky and silly.
It is colorful and beautiful.
It is complicated and stressful.
Much like yours, I'm sure.
My home could never be on the pages of a magazine.
Because I like having my Dirt Devil Kone on my countertop for convenience.
And Hubby is so severely allergic to dust mites that ugly mini-blinds are in every room of our house instead of pretty curtains.
And throw pillows?
Psshhh...not an option at this place.
My home is cozy and functional and decorated for us.
Sure, we have things that make us feel fancy.
But in reality, our home is a hodgepodge of yard sale and thrift store finds that have been spray painted with paint from the sale aisle to create a cohesive theme.
And almost all of those items are currently covered in dirty little handprints and strewn about the house.
Fancy is fun, but I've read fancy blogs.
The real deal.
And my life is not fancy.
If I were to be honest and stick with my "Live" title, it would have to be changed to "Live Life From Day to Day and When You Don't Feel Fancy, That's Okay".
True, but a bit long, right?
So, what does this ridiculously long post mean?
It means that I have new blog name.
Because I have fallen in love with blogging.
I appreciate the time and energy it takes to run a successful blog (speaking about others, not my own), and I truly admire so many of the bloggers I subscribe to.
I love sharing with you the sweetness that I try to find in every situation we are put in.
Our sweet life.
So, I give you...
Sugar and Dots {dot com}.
If you're a long-time reader of mine, you know I love all things sweet and can't resist a happy polkadot.
I've even incorporated my favorite number, favorite animal, favorite colors, favorite shape, my hobby, and favorite thing to bake all in one header.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this transformation is taking me forever since I'm creating everything on my own in Photoshop, but it makes me appreciate the details even more.
Today I may blog a bit more (cause I know this post isn't wordy enough for ya) and I will slowly be transforming everything into my new design.

To help kick off my new site, I am giving away a sweet little something over at Funky PolkaDot Giraffe today.
You'll see the deets later today.
Kyla is having a blog par-tay this week (probably to celebrate my new digs...hehe) so check it out.

If you made it this far in my post, give yourself a pat on the back.
Scratch that.
Go eat something yummy.
Get a pedicure.
Turn on the TV and watch a show without animation.
Because really, who wants a pat on the back?

Happy Tuesday, friends.

{Goodbye Live Fancy. I will forever remember you as the most confusing blog name with the mismatched URL. Don't worry, I'll never forget you. I still have 950 business cards with your face all over them.}

September 26, 2010

Welcome to my brain.

I'm sick.
Which would be the ideal first sentence to a blog post with this title.
But I mean literally...some sort of hideous cold virus has plagued me and I feel like walking death.
I'm sure I contracted it from a small, adorable human.
My life is a mess right now.
I've been burning the candle at both ends for about a month now, and I am starting to shut down.
{probably why I'm sick}
If you've ordered something from my shop, it's getting mailed out tomorrow.
If you are working on a custom order for my shop, I'll figure out the details for your order tonight and start working on it tomorrow.
If you have won a giveaway from me and have yet to hear from me, expect an email today or tomorrow.
If you have heard me talk about the new items in my shop, but haven't had the chance to visit, here's a little eye candy for you:

{travel tissue cases}

{princess hair clips}

{family tree print or pdf}

Hubby had 7 doctor's appointments last week.
Because obviously the doctors think that having us run around is fun.
While we were busy dealing with home physical therapy, finishing Etsy and work orders, and staying on top of laundry and the rest of the house, The Girl managed to do this:

Sometime next week I'll have to figure out where I can squeeze in an extra 36 hours of cleaning just to tackle this room.
I'd get mad at her, but there's so much stress filling up our house that it only seems natural for her to come upstairs and play with every item she owns.
I'll save the arguing for her teenage years.

Oh, and while my brain is remembering everything I wanted to tell you guys, there's another thing...
Before I went on vacay, I had a week of giveaways and guest bloggers here.
One of the giveaways was from my dear friend Jenna at Happy Hygiene.
She gave away ten items from her amazing shop, and only one sweetie left her feedback.
If you have an Etsy shop, you know how much you value your feedback and how important it is to receive it so that others want to order from you.
So pretty please, if you were lucky enough to win a Happy Hygiene product, please visit her shop again and tell her how amazing her products are.
I know I love mine.

And if you haven't visited her shop before, you should.
I chose to personalize my soap dispensers with my own quotes.
The soap on the left is in the kids' bathroom, and the soap on the right is in the guest bathroom.
I'm still trying to come up with something clever for the kitchen, but haven't yet.
Because my brain is broken.

And now, I am off.
Because although I can ramble all day long, I think I finally got all the points across that I needed.
And also because my bed is calling my name.

Happy Sunday.

September 22, 2010

What She Wore Wednesday #2

{To see what "WIWW" means at our house, click here.}
Here is The Girl during her first full week of school:

Monday September 13, 2010:
...and with her sweater:
Sweater: Lincoln Thrift Store
Top: Target
Skirt: The Children's Place
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Payless

Tuesday September 14, 2010:
Top & leggings set: Walmart
Shoes: Craigslist

Wednesday September 15, 2010:
Top: Lincoln Thrift Store
Capris: Hand-me-downs
Shoes: Walmart

Thursday September 16, 2010:
...and with the jacket:
Jacket: Walmart
Top: Target
Jeans: Hand-me-downs
Shoes: Craigslist

Friday September 17, 2010:
Cropped jacket: Yard sale
Top: Justice
Faux pearl necklace: Monk's Junk in Minnesota
Jeans: Walmart
Shoes: Goodwill (NIB)

I had to take another picture of her up-close.
I've missed having a toothless grin in my house.

Happy Wednesday, fashionistas!

September 21, 2010

Custom Family Tree Print Giveaway Winners!

The winner of the new and improved Custom Family Tree Print is:

#7 Tanya.
Tanya, I can't seem to find an email address for you {note to self: ask for email addy in every comment for future giveaways!}. Please contact me: and we'll get your custom tree print sent to you!

And because I got zero sleep, woke up and drowned my soul in coffee with too much sugar, I am in a good mood and offer you this:


I know...I am rad.
I am offering custom family tree PDF's emailed to these winners chosen by

{I actually first got #6 before generating #9, but that was Tanya again. Tanya, go play the lottery today, girl!}

Please email me if you won and let me know which 26 things you'd like to be on your leaves.

Happy day to you all.

September 19, 2010

It feels like Fall.

The weather is still nice, but the sun is setting earlier and earlier, and the sky is finally dark for my kids' 7:00 PM bedtime.
{happy dance}
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I recently went to Starbucks.
{super big deal for this cheap mama}
I tried the Pumpkin Spice thingy, and the super hot very decent looking Starbucks employee told me that  he wasn't a "punkin kinda guy". He offered to make me something else if I didn't like it, but it was actually pretty good.
Apparently I didn't order the latte like everyone else does.
And apparently, the latte is the only way to go.
I'll be going back.
Besides the fancy new flavors at places I never go to, Fall has brought on an incredible amount of decorating to see on blogs.
Fall decorating is for sure my favorite.
(Or maybe it's because I didn't have a blog last Fall. Seeing all of these Fall linky parties and decor is serious eye candy for me.)
I decided to follow in Rachelle's footsteps and decorate a fantel.
I guess people also decorate their buffets, too, but since my buffet is actually a dresser in the middle of my dining room, I feel weird calling it a buffet.
So here is my dresser-turned-buffet-used-as-a-mantel:

Nothing is new. I moved some things from my kitchen to my dining room. I also went and picked up my antique/vintage shipment from South Dakota from my mom on Friday, so I have a bunch of new goodies for other parts of my house. (Allowing me to move things I already had onto the "drebufantel". :)
Oh, and correction: While visiting my mom, she gave me those PartyLite rock candles. LOVE.

I added a small pop of color with some antique baby blocks (above).
They are from Minnesota, and I adore them! The rest are upstairs in The Boy's room, and you'll see them if I ever finish his room.

 The Plaster of Paris statue-ish thing above is one of my favorite things in my house.
We found a Plaster of Paris kit at a thrift store when The Girl was 4, and she and Hubby held hands in the bucket to create this piece.
I love it beyond words.
And because I was feeling the Fall spirit, here is the biggest transformation I've made recently:

Yup, the platinum blonde that I've been rockin' for years is GONE as of this morning!
My hair needs a break, and honestly, I have so many gorgeous brunette friends making me curious if I could pull it off, so I took the plunge.
It's not brown, (Loreal Preference #7 Dark Blonde) but it is so different from my normal 'do that it feels super dark to me.
I think I like it though.

Hope you're having a fab weekend, lovelies!

**9.15.11: ETA: I haven't yet decorated the mantel at our new house, but I loved last year's mantel so much that I am linking up to the Fall Nesting Party 2011 anyway!**

September 18, 2010

Old Cabinet Door Coat Hanger

Well, backpack holder anyway.
It's still pretty warm in Orange County to need a coat.
But soon, this title won't lie.
The Boy shattered one of the cabinet doors on our entertainment cabinet, so I removed the other one.


I removed the hardware from the door and replaced the old hinges with anchors to wire the door so that it could be hung.

Yup, I just inserted the anchors directly into the old screw holes.
Easy peasy.
I then cut a piece of fabric a little wider than the glass and used Duct Tape to secure the fabric to the wood portion.
I simply pulled the super wrinkled fabric taut, and taped down the edges. I've seen people do similar projects with old windows and scrapbook paper, but this allows me to change out the fabric within minutes if I get bored.

I screwed in the vintage hooks (3 for $3 at an antique shop in Minnesota- LOVE) with regular ol' wood screws, but I still want to dab the screw heads with paint.
I was considering painting the wood and distressing it, but it matches the "shoe shelf" we have in our entryway.

I may add a vinyl sticker to the front of the glass that says something fun, but I haven't decided what to put yet.
When the front door is open, this is behind the door, so something like "welcome" doesn't really work.
I love that this project can be changed later, and that it is so versatile.
Like I always say, change is good.

Happy weekend, friends.

September 17, 2010

(edited) Family Tree Print Giveaway Extended

Now, I do adore you all, but I am only extending the giveaway because my life is ridiculous.
I am the poster child for Murphy's Law.
Today I was editing the family tree print because it was printing a little wonky for my liking. I accidentally hit the invisible button on my keyboard that shuts down my computer, deletes files, and resizes images.
The button that I have yet to discover but somehow manage to hit as often as Backspace.
My computer, being as kind as she is, asked me if I was sure if I wanted to resize my image.
I clicked what looked to be a frozen computer screen, and 2 seconds later, the power throughout our house went off.
I was more concerned with the laundry I had going and the fridge full of groceries.
{No more canned fruit on my fruit stand!}
Several hours later when power was restored, I remembered that I was editing on Photoshop.
When I opened the family tree image, it was 2 pixels x 4 pixels.
Do you have any idea what kind of joke that is?!
It should have just deleted the file from the system.
So, back to the drawing key board I went, and created something new.
It's not quite the same as the original, but since it wasn't printing properly, I'm hoping this has fixed the problem.

I'll edit the listing in my shop soon.
Oh, and tell me...would listing it as a PDF file be better or worse?
What if I cut the price and emailed the file directly to the buyer?
I ask you because I fear making any decision on my own ever.again.
If you haven't entered the giveaway, you can do so here.
If you'd like another entry, feel free to comment on the giveaway post and tell me how fab my new family tree is.
Cause I'm totally feeling down, and you guys always help.
{I may edit it some more tomorrow. You'll see the final result before it's shipped to you.}


Happy Friday, friends!

September 15, 2010

What She Wore Wednesday

No, I'm not speaking in third person.
I'm referring to The Girl.
She has more clothes than the rest of our family combined, and enough shoes to coordinate.
Last year, she seldom wore the same outfit twice to kindergarten.
She recieved a ton of hand-me-downs when I used to be a nanny, and I saved them for years hoping they would be clothes she would want to wear when they fit.
She loves all of them.
She's also got a mama who can't turn down a good yard sale or a visit to a thrift store, so she tends to get whatever her little heart desires when I'm hunting for a bargain.
Last year we started the tradition/routine of taking a picture every morning before school.
It started with the first day of kindergarten (obvs) and then she asked me to take a picture on the second day, and it snowballed from there.
She was only absent once, and I have the photos to prove it.
You can see what she wore everyday last year here.
This year, instead of struggling to figure out the slideshow post, I am just going to link up to Lindsey's blog every Wednesday.
I'll be able to keep track much more easily this way, and I love the idea of seeing her grow through pictures over the years.
Preface rambling done.

Last week, school started on Thursday, so she only has two outfits for this post.

Day 1 - September 9, 2010

Top- Sears
Capris- From kindergarten, originally from Nordstrom Rack
Shoes- Walmart

Day 2 - September 10, 2010

Top- Justice
Pants- Walmart
Shoes- Payless

I am so excited for another great year, and for another year of documenting her cuteness.

Happy Wednesday, fashionistas.

September 14, 2010

Custom Family Tree Print Giveaway

I spent about a gazillion hours creating the perfect family tree print for my Ung Drill frame in my dining room.
I was so pleased with my attempt {it's okay to be proud of hard work} that I decided to turn a business venture into my artwork.
In my Etsy shop, you will see two new prints available for purchase.
Today, I am giving away the print that takes time to create- the family tree piece.
The winner will receive an email from me asking for up to 26 names of family members for their tree.
When I complete the piece, I will then ship it to the address that the winner provides.
Christmas is right around the corner, peeps.
This makes a super fancy gift!

To enter:
1. Leave me a comment saying hello or telling me something. Anything.
2. Become a follower of this blog or let me know if you already are.
3. Visit my shop, add an item as a favorite, and let me know that you did.

Easy peasy.
Winner will be announced Friday September 17, 2010.

Good luck, friends!

September 13, 2010

Creative Chick Parade Linky- Day 1

I am probably the worst with Mod Podge.
For reals.
I turn every project into a goopy, sticky, ripped, clumpy mess.
But I texted Rachelle this morning and told her I would link up to her linky, so here I am.
Showing off what has to be the worst project ever.
I came across the coolest idea here.
And now that I have reviewed the original, I see that my project is upside-down and that I was supposed to cut out the circles at the end of the measuring tape.
Worst project ever: worse.

The project isn't entirely accurate (it's off by about 6 inches) but I printed everything correctly and decided to just hang it a little higher on the kitchen cabinet.
{Original cabinets painted black by me. Excuse the gap in the pantry door. Scratch that- just excuse absolutely everything that isn't perfect. Much easier than bringing a list of "oops" to your attention.}
Here are the pages I printed:

And after some serious Mod Podge damage, this is the end result:

I've just added something to my shop that will be going in the frame (above).
You should go buy one for yourself!
{Because today I have no fear in shamelessly plugging my Etsy shop.}

Mod Podge craziness complete.
Friendship with Rachelle saved.
Linky party attended.

Have a happy Monday!

*ETA: This is ONLY "the worst project ever" because Mod Podge and I are sworn enemies. You, on the other hand, may get along beautifully with the creepy, sticky monster. The project itself makes me uber happy, and Cathe's blog is nothing short of genius.
The end.

September 11, 2010

September 11th is different for everyone.

Being someone who is thankful every single day to wake up in a free country, September 11th is obviously a day that I will never forget.
I firmly believe that every American will forever remember exactly where they were and what they were doing the moment they heard the news.
I was in the process of graduating high school early, so what would be the first week of school for my graduating class, was really my third month of summer session, and I was on my way to speak to my counselor.
In my hands were forms that I had filled out the night before, and I was coming downstairs to say bye to my mom and drive to school.
I was in a very good mood.
I hit the second to last step, and my mom turned around from watching the morning news with the most scared look on her face that I had ever seen.
My stomach dropped.
And that was the beginning of September 11, 2001.
I will never forget the details, because even on the 9 year anniversary, it still makes me cry.
Moving on.

On September 11, 2005 The Girl was a week shy of turning 20 months old.
It was a Sunday, and we were getting ready for a friend's wedding.
I was in The Girl's room painting my toes and Hubby was in the living room removing lint from his suit.
She bounced between us from room to room while we got ready.
Hubby had turned on the iron for his suit in our bedroom, thinking she was with me.
I thought she was still with him in the livingroom.
She had apparently gone into the diningroom or kitchen during that time- neither one of us was watching her, and both of us thought she was with the other adult.
He came to The Girl's room to check on my progress, and went back into the livingroom afterwards.
While he checked on me, she made her way into our bedroom with the iron.
I'm not sure what exactly happened next, but immediately following her actions, a scream like I have never heard belted out of our bedroom.
I jumped up and ran to the livingroom, unsure of where she was.
He ran to our bedroom, and seconds later, carried our screaming, hysterical little lady to the livingroom.
He screamed at me to call 911.
I didn't know what was happening, and told the dispatcher the details as he yelled them to me over The Girl's screaming.
"She has huge blisters on her face. She needs an ambulance. Her arm is bleeding. I don't know what happened."
At the time, I hadn't known about the iron.
I was calling from our kitchen phone and couldn't see her.
When I finally did, it was another one of those moments where you remember every detail for the rest of your life.
She was badly burned.
The fire department and ambulance arrived quickly.
I still praise them on their effort.
Hubby rode with her in the ambulance, and I was told to drive at a high rate of speed as safely as possible to the nearby hospital.
I had pajamas on.
{booty shorts, a tank, and no bra}
I left my house just like that.
I arrived at the hospital looking like a crazed druggie looking for a fix.
The receptionist showed me to a room of a burn victim that had just arrived.
It was not The Girl.
I saw a man in physical distress lying on a hospital bed, weeping.
I still feel guilty for seeing a stranger at his lowest point, not offering a kind word of any kind, and promptly walking out of his room.
I decided to drive to a hospital a little further away, and luckily found Hubby.
She was in with doctors in another room.
The paramedics were waiting to see how she was.
They hadn't gotten another call, and they were concerned since she was so young.
When she came out, I took a picture with my cell phone and seconds later, was told she would be driven by ambulance to a better hospital in Los Angeles.
This time, I rode with The Girl and Hubby followed.
She slept the entire ride, and received extremely horrific treatment once we arrived.
They said they had to scrape her burns to avoid infection and scarring.
Hubby held her down.
I left the room sobbing.
Another guilty moment.
She had second and third degree burns on her forehead, right cheek, nose, right wrist, and the tip of her tongue.

Here she is with a glove-turned-balloon at the first hospital.

She healed slowly with weekly trips to L.A. to see a burn specialist.
We drove there weekly for 8 weeks.
Finally, she was given the okay to use a special cream at home, and eventually switch to Mederma.

To this day, her scars are still very noticeable, and kids at school ask her why her cheek is red.
It's very sensitive to sunlight and heat, and turns rosy throughout the day.
But she is strong, and young; an incredible combination.

I wanted to share my story because September 11th affects people differently, and I think acceptance, awareness, and compassion are crucial on this date.
For us, we remember our own heartache.
For friends of ours, they remember their wedding day.
For others, they remember the events that took place in 2001.
Every date has a different meaning for everyone.
Please keep that in mind always- especially today.

Happy weekend, friends.

September 9, 2010

First Day of First Grade (The Girl)

The Girl started first grade today.

Hubby must have been up all night in pain.
 This morning he didn't want to be woken up, and when I nudged him gently, he started to groan about his leg.
So, I tackled the first day of first grade on my own.
We live across the street from the elementary school, so I pushed The Boy in the stroller {sleepy little man in his footed pajamas} and we got there right at 7:40.
I pointed in the direction where she needed to go, and gave her some instructions.
We rehearsed the few things that needed to be memorized.
We hugged and kissed, and I tried with all of my might not to cry.
She walked away, towards her classroom, and I chatted with another mom as I watched her go.
I suddenly saw her running back towards me.
Huge tears falling down her cheeks.
I asked her what was wrong.
"You'll do fine! You're my big brave girl and we are so proud of you!"
More tears.
So I hugged her tight.
And cried.
Two of us crying just minutes before school starts.
Because being emotional is how I roll, and clearly the apple didn't "roll" too far from the tree.
I told her that she had to go to school, and that she would be fine.
I promised to miss her the entire time she was gone and cry like a baby until she got home.
She let out a little giggle.
Another quick kiss, and she marched off towards her classroom.
Across the big kid playground.
And then I saw her look over her shoulder, right into my eyes.
She began to cry again, but this time she faced forward and walked away from me.
I can't express how much that moment hurt me.
At the end of the day, she told me that her new teacher wiped her tears for her and that she was incredibly nice.
I am so very thankful that Day 1 was successful; even if the morning gave me a minor heart attack.
Why is motherhood so cruel sometimes?

September 7, 2010

I love this man.

We had such a fabulous Labor Day weekend.
Hubby wanted to be out of the house and was focused on where we were and what we did, and didn't focus on his pain.
It was wonderful.
I love this man.
That's all I wanted to say.

{labor day 2010}


Happy Tuesday.

September 6, 2010

I could be wearing my bathrobe right now.

Hubby and I have been talking about my blog lately.
He thinks that I come online and whine.
I have explained to him that with the current circumstances, explaining the situation we are in isn't easy to word, and that being bummed is inevitable.
He says he misses the happy writer I used to be.
I'll admit it...I once wrote him funny little notes for his lunch each day, or spelled out inside jokes on the shower walls with foam bathtub alphabet letters.
I used to be more vibrant.
I'm not sure where I started slacking, but I did.
I haven't been "living fancy" for a while now.
Even my own definition of fancy isn't happening.
He suggested that I create a new slate.
When you have a job, you constantly get new projects and assignments.
You re-invent yourself on a regular basis.
You meet new people and focus on first-impressions.
When you stay home, you fall into a routine.
You meet new people via cyberspace, and first-impressions can take place in your bathrobe.
Re-inventing yourself as a stay-at-home mom could easily be misinterpreted as a mid-life crisis or emotional breakdown.
I have decided that for my 27th birthday (November) I will be creating a clean slate.
I have a new domain name.
I will be working hard over the next few months to stock my shop with new, happy items.
I will be blogging under a new blog title and things will be different.
Like I've said before, change is good.
I am so excited to begin this new journey!

September 3, 2010

South Dakota (Trip to Becky's)

We were in South Dakota for three full days and two half days (half days being the days we had flights).
During those five days, I made it a goal to go to Becky's house as many times as possible.
Hubby's accident took place on Day 2, and I still managed to make it to Becky's house twice.
Becky is my mom's husband's cousins' wife.
Following along?
She's also a nurse/x-ray tech/angel at the local hospital.
She and her husband have this amazing property (I believe it's 11 acres) full of vintage and antique mayhem.
There are gardens.
A deck.
Becky's home is so warm and inviting while also being very stylish and functional.
I could have spent weeks there.
A few days after we were already back home, they were having a yard sale, so Becky let me walk through her two-story barn and pick out things to take home with me.
{And with the turn of events, she then shipped home for me when I left them at her sweet.}
I thought I'd share some photos from her house to begin the South Dakota vacation posts.
These first few were all taken with my mom's fancy Nikon.

Yup, those are yard sticks in the photo above. Her mud room is amazing. It made me wish I had a mud room of my own. I then found out what a mud room was for, and realized that no, in fact, I do not want a mud room of my own.
But the yard sticks?
Yes. I want those.
I started my own collection.
I bought two in Minnesota while we were visiting South Dakota.
{20 minute drive my mom's house to Minnesota}
I haven't added to my collection since coming home, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will have a wall like Becky's one day.
I took over 100 photos of just Becky's barn and her home.
The rest of these pics are taken with my Canon digital camera that was promptly upgraded to the latest version the second we got back home.

I wish the photos captured the whimsy and happiness that her home displayed.
If anything, the photos bring me a smile, which I'm appreciative of.
I'm also thankful that everything in the photo below has come to live with me.

Happy Friday, friends.