January 29, 2010

I'm Avoiding You

To my blog that I have spent countless hours on recently: I am avoiding you today. I have something better to do. The Boy needs me. He needs me to comment on his Jenga skills. He's quite good. This was what he was doing an hour ago...setting it up so that we can play. He's waiting for me. I will see you again tomorrow. Happy Friday!

January 28, 2010

Tweet Tweet

I'm finally on Twitter and have discovered that nearly none of my friends are on it. I have also discovered that when people do not follow you, there is really no point to the site. Not that my life is all that interesting, but when I take a second and post an update, it would be nice to know that someone out there on the web is reading it. Maybe I should make my life sound more interesting so that people want to follow me. Currently, it says that I am excited to drink my coffee. Yes, yes, an exciting life is a must. Follow me, and let's see just how exciting I can make it.

January 26, 2010

Before My Eyes Fall Out

...I am going to sleep. I have ruined everything about my blog that I liked earlier today. This has been a learning process to say the least. I learned that html is horrible when you're sleepy. I learned that Twitter is boring unless people follow you. I learned that The Boy can empty a desk in 2 minutes flat. I learned that I have a lot to learn.


I have never been so confused in all my life. I have no idea how to edit my blog or make it FANCY on my own. Perhaps creating a blog was a bad idea. If this isn't the last post I ever write, it means that I have spent countless hours reading about html and free blogger information. Ramble, ramble...

January 25, 2010


The Girl is now 6. SIX. I remember being 6. I remember walking around Target, (the same Target that I walk around with my own kids) telling my mom, "I wear a 6X, Mom. Why not a 6K? My name starts with K, not X." I remember saying the same thing every time we looked for clothes. Thankfully, The Girl has yet to shop since turning 6. I have a feeling that her buying a new size will make me break down in the middle of the store. She is now able to shop in the Girls' Department. Where did my toddler go?

We had a carnival party for her to celebrate. 72 kids showed up. SEVENTY-TWO! We had a blast and have SO many people to thank for helping us! What a special day it turned out to be!

Here is the invitation (minus The Girl's name, contact information, and our address). I made it on Photoshop after realizing that I didn't like ANY carnival invites I came across online.

Here are the cupcakes. I made "popcorn" out of marshmellows and sprayed them with yellow food coloring to look like butter. I cut cardboard popcorn boxes to size and glued a cardboard label to them that said "popcorn". I also made "cheeseburger" cupcakes out of a sliced cupcake, brownie "patty", and fondant "cheese". It took forever to dye the cheese the perfect color, but the end result made me happy!

My dear friend Tabitha made an amazing mini-cake for The Girl. She was sad that she wasn't going to get a cake for her birthday and was surprised by the most amazing carnival creation! It says her name on it, and when the name is blurred out for blogging purposes, it ruins the essence of the cake. Picture an amazing cake in your head. Picture it to look like a carnival tent. Got it pictured? It's better than that.
There are so many photos that I'm afraid to post any more. There were game booths, a bouncehouse, a popcorn machine, a candy buffet, a carnival photo stand with face cut-outs, live goldfish, pennant flags that went from the roof to the tops of trees across the width of our backyard, hotdogs galore, cotton candy, tattoos, 100 balloons, and hay to cover every square inch of walking space. It was definitely chaotic, but well worth it! I hope The Girl had the best birthday ever.

January 14, 2010


There was a devastating earthquake in Haiti a couple of days ago. I am in the middle of throwing The Girl a HUGE birthday party, and there are children dying right now because they need money for supplies and help. Hubby posted a picture of deceased children on his Facebook today and titled it "Wake up people!" with information on how to help. We donated. Scratch that...HE donated. I made cupcakes today and cried. Why the eff am I making cupcakes when I could be helping the children in Haiti somehow? What can I do to help? I'm on blog post #2, have nothing to sell or make, and feel guilty planning this birthday party. I just wanted to mention the terrible guilt I felt today while party planning. While others are suffering. Praying has been my only option. I have prayed often. I continue to pray.

January 13, 2010

The Lochness Monster

Why start a blog?
Because starting a new one is easier than adding to my old one.
Because it's been a year and a half since I've last blogged, and that's just lame.
Because The Boy just turned 2 in November, and The Girl will be 6 on Sunday.
Time flies.
I need to rely on the internet to remember things that have happened.
Because I don't scrapbook.
Or print photos for the albums I purchase.
Because random things happen on a daily basis.
Like The Lochness Monster symbol that has now shown up in Dora's dashboard.
(Dora is my Ford Explorer. The Girl named her when she was 3. Dora The Explorer.)

What would you describe this symbol as if your husband asked you?
Hubby immediately knew what I was talking about when I said, "The Lochness Monster light is on in Dora."
He's cool like that.
He gets me.
One of the reasons I love him.
So now I have a blog.