September 19, 2010

It feels like Fall.

The weather is still nice, but the sun is setting earlier and earlier, and the sky is finally dark for my kids' 7:00 PM bedtime.
{happy dance}
If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I recently went to Starbucks.
{super big deal for this cheap mama}
I tried the Pumpkin Spice thingy, and the super hot very decent looking Starbucks employee told me that  he wasn't a "punkin kinda guy". He offered to make me something else if I didn't like it, but it was actually pretty good.
Apparently I didn't order the latte like everyone else does.
And apparently, the latte is the only way to go.
I'll be going back.
Besides the fancy new flavors at places I never go to, Fall has brought on an incredible amount of decorating to see on blogs.
Fall decorating is for sure my favorite.
(Or maybe it's because I didn't have a blog last Fall. Seeing all of these Fall linky parties and decor is serious eye candy for me.)
I decided to follow in Rachelle's footsteps and decorate a fantel.
I guess people also decorate their buffets, too, but since my buffet is actually a dresser in the middle of my dining room, I feel weird calling it a buffet.
So here is my dresser-turned-buffet-used-as-a-mantel:

Nothing is new. I moved some things from my kitchen to my dining room. I also went and picked up my antique/vintage shipment from South Dakota from my mom on Friday, so I have a bunch of new goodies for other parts of my house. (Allowing me to move things I already had onto the "drebufantel". :)
Oh, and correction: While visiting my mom, she gave me those PartyLite rock candles. LOVE.

I added a small pop of color with some antique baby blocks (above).
They are from Minnesota, and I adore them! The rest are upstairs in The Boy's room, and you'll see them if I ever finish his room.

 The Plaster of Paris statue-ish thing above is one of my favorite things in my house.
We found a Plaster of Paris kit at a thrift store when The Girl was 4, and she and Hubby held hands in the bucket to create this piece.
I love it beyond words.
And because I was feeling the Fall spirit, here is the biggest transformation I've made recently:

Yup, the platinum blonde that I've been rockin' for years is GONE as of this morning!
My hair needs a break, and honestly, I have so many gorgeous brunette friends making me curious if I could pull it off, so I took the plunge.
It's not brown, (Loreal Preference #7 Dark Blonde) but it is so different from my normal 'do that it feels super dark to me.
I think I like it though.

Hope you're having a fab weekend, lovelies!

**9.15.11: ETA: I haven't yet decorated the mantel at our new house, but I loved last year's mantel so much that I am linking up to the Fall Nesting Party 2011 anyway!**


  1. Very nice fall touches and I love your hair!!! I am obsessed with letter blocks, love your antiques ones! I just started decorating for fall myself.

    Please stop over and enter my csnstores gift card giveaway if you can!


  2. I absolutely LOVE all your decor! It is so stinkin adorable in every way! Love the little blocks that spell out "fall".

    You are soooo stinkin cute!

  3. I love the new hair color! You look great.

  4. your new do looks super cute! and just like they said, i love those letter blocks, too. very, very cute!

  5. You've gotta go back and get the latte! :D And your hair is gorgeous! I'm going a little darker next week - going for a nice deep fall-friendly red! :D Change is good.

  6. Love the new hair color! Changing that is always fun!

  7. The plaster hand is amazing! What a treasure. I always go darker with my hair in the fall-seems like a cool weather thing to do while I sip my pumpkin spice latte! (Visiting from Heather today)

  8. Your Fantel looks great! Love the pictures behind it, too. Your hair is so beautiful! Great look for fall...I do that in Fall also (:

  9. You are so creative and artsy . . . love your plaster hands. Did you know that in Victorian times people always had a forearm/hand or just a hand around for decoration? They were usually made from dead relatives instead of living ones (which is pretty creepy when you think about it). Yours is much better. What a treasure -- most people on have their kids' handprints in plaster from 1st grade.

    PS Your hair looks great. But it's still blonde.

    Signed, Beth the Brunette (out of a bottle)

  10. I love PartyLite! And I love your hair! If you ever want more partylite, I'm your girl! There are amazing internet specials and they ship straight to your house!

  11. found you from the nester mantel link~ fun site! and adorable family.

  12. Your fall decorations are beautiful and so are you and your new do! Thanks for linking up :)!

  13. very creative fall display the wall of photos is a great backdrop

  14. It sure doesn't feel like Fall around here yet. Still as hot as ever!

    My husband bought me the Pumpkin Spice Frapachino at Starbucks last week and I liked it better than the hot version. And it made me feel like Fall was maybe on the way. =)

    Your black and white photos look beautiful!

  15. okay, just posted a comment but it's not here, so if you get 2, my apologies.

    like i was saying...YOUR HAIR! it looks great, but man, that was a bold change! i don't think i could ever change my "natural" platinum locks...they took so long to get!