July 17, 2010

Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

The other night, I attended an Attic 17 event and promised to bring a bunch of mini cupcakes with me.
Promise kept FAIL.
My oven apparently needs to be replaced.
Or fixed.
That night, I planned on baking them with just enough time to frost them and walk out the door.
When I was rushing to get them out of the oven, they were still cups of batter so I assumed that I forgot to turn on the oven.
Turns out our house now fills with the smell of gas and doesn't heat up to the temperature it's supposed to.
Hubby says it's an ignitor issue...I just want some dang cupcakes.
So, I opened all the windows at 8:00 PM and baked these little fluffy pieces of Heaven for about 2.5 hours just so that the batter didn't go to waste.{made from scratch, thankyouverymuch}

I came across a recipe for lemon cream cheese frosting online, and I thought it sounded so summery and delicious.
I was right.
I made a gazillion cupcakes, so at 11:00 PM, I texted the three teens that live nextdoor and asked them if I could come over with a plate.
Of course, they agreed.

Right now my family is nextdoor swimming.
It is The Girl's half birthday (6.5...whoa) and she wanted to go to the pool.
Thankfully, we have an awesome trading system among the neighbors nearby.
I bake.
They let us tear apart their yards and never tell the kiddos to quiet down when one squeals about the other splashing them.
It's been quite a busy week...please excuse the lack of this weeks' Friday post.
I'll hopefully catch up with everything next week.
If you can't get over my nonsense blogging routine, all I can do is offer you a cupcake.


Happy Saturday.


  1. WOW those are some beautiful cupcakes...

  2. I'm just glad you came by and I got to see you! :)

  3. Cupcakes look fab! Now, I need to go an buy lemon!

  4. That sounds SOOO good! I love anything with lemons!

  5. I'm visiting from Amanda's blog. Your cupcakes look so good!!