June 2, 2010

Cereal Killer

On Monday night, Hubby called upstairs, "Kimmie! We have sixteen different kinds of cereal in the cabinet and I don't like any of them!"
My response muttered to myself, "He's joking."
I go downstairs and open the top of the pantry.

He was wrong.
We had sixteen boxes but two of them were the same kind.
And six of those boxes are mini-sized.
So really, we had like, eleven boxes of cereal.
That's totally normal, right?

Happy Wednesday, friends.


  1. how could anyone not like golden grahams or corn pops? Seriously!

  2. That would never happen in our house! My husband and kids love cereal, so we can not keep it in the house! :)

  3. Wow, I want to have breakfast at your house! ;) My kids would be in cereal heaven.

  4. We only have 2 boxes usually. I would totally come to your house and eat all the cereal so you could start fresh :) My daughter would come too. She loves apple jacks!

  5. I have a deep abiding love for cereal, so yes! Totally normal, and a bit AWESOME if you ask me. :)

  6. We are total cereal eaters also & have about 6 boxes on hand at ALL times! When I was preggo, the only thing I could keep down the first 20 weeks was cereal!!!

  7. I am here for the first time...
    how it's taken me so long, I don't know?!
    So fancy pretty.
    And the post about your Kindergartner Daughter brought tears to my eyes. ME TOO!
    My oldest becomes a first grader in two weeks.
    I can't stand it!
    Also love your BlogSugar post. So wish I was there, but I was home pouting due to hubby's work schedule too!
    Next time!
    Till then...I will enjoy getting to know you here!

  8. OH! and PS - Totes normal to have 16 (or 11) boxes of cereal in your pantry.