Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The bed that wears a tutu

The Girl got the PBK catalog in the mail.
What does she ask for?
"A tutu that my bed can wear, please."

Adorable bedskirt, no doubt.
Not super affordable.
Her bed size would be $179.00.
I will not be spending two hundred bucks on a bedskirt.
I will make one.
For $20.49
Want to know how?
Good, because I'm going to show you step by step.

First, start by taking the mattress off of the box spring.

(Fully aware that the bed frame is backwards. I am awesome at following directions.)
Next, cover the boxspring with an old sheet.
This one matches her room decor, but has a huge juice stain.
(I am also awesome at doing the laundry.)

Attach elastic around the top edges of the sheet.
I don't even know the width...1/2" maybe.
It was $0.59 a yard at my local fabric store, so I bought 7 yards.
And I bought too much.
I decided only to cover the foot and one side of the bed since her bed is against a wall.
You'll want to pin the elastic to the sheet first.
You'll also want to know where your new pink pins are.
When you realize they have joined all the other fabulous things you've lost in your home's black hole, you will need to resort to your Altoids tin full of boring pins.

Attach the elastic to the top of the sheet with pins.

I could use my incredibly awesome new sewing machine for the next step, but I'm still nervous to use her with "real" projects, so I stitched the elastic to the sheet by hand.
I added a little bit of stitched craziness every few feet for security.
You need the gaps in between craziness.
Do not attach the elastic in one solid stitch along the full length of the bed.

I decided on tulle for this project.
I made a ridiculously full tutu for The Girl's 6th birthday, so I'm comfortable with tulle.
If I were more extreme, I would use something fancier.
I went with 16 yards.
8 yards of pink. 8 yards of yellow.
At $0.98 a yard, the price made me happy.

Keep your phone handy so that you can try to convince the the world's funniest woman to be your new BFF.
Gotta love that my cell phone made it into the above shot.
Keep the tulle folded in half just like they had it at the fabric store and cut into 6" strips.
You'll want long strips to work with.
After they're cut, create a loop from the middle section of each piece.

Push the above piece under the elastic on the sheet so that it creates an upside-down "u".

Next, reach inside the loop you created to pull the bottom section of the tulle through the loop.

Yup, creepiest picture I've ever taken of myself.
Next, grab the bottom and pull through.

It will create a knot onto the elastic.

Spend the rest of the night texting and emailing on your cell phone.
Wake up and realize all of your photos from the night before are hideous.
Take another one.

Continue all the way around the bed.

The tulle is longer than floor-length, so this would be the point where you would cut it to size along the bottom of your floor and hot glue a beautiful piece of ribbon along the bottom edge.
This is the step where The Girl told me, "leave it long and tuck it under my bed so that the cats have something to keep them company under there."
Decorating according to the cats' preferences.
Do as you're told and tuck the tulle under the bed.
Step back and admire your work.

For those of you who wonder why I attached the tulle to the top edge of the box spring instead of the flat part below the mattress:
I knew that tucking the sheet and ugly warm blanket that she uses under her quilt would bunch up the tulle and the tulle would end up tucked under the mattress, too.
By doing it the way I did, I have no problems tucking everything under the mattress.

This will become fuller when I decide to spend the money on more tulle.
Until then, it makes The Girl happy.

I'd love to see what you create.
The possibilities are endless.
Happy Tuesday.

P.S. When I went to bed on Sunday, my blog had 475 IP visits.
When I went to bed last night, my blog had 1,023 IP visits.
 Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit!
 I am loving this blogging thing.
 And who knew I would actually come across people who'd want to follow me?
So rad.

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  1. Those visits were me. From my phone, computer, neighbors computer, library computer, laptop.... ohh you don't know what I had to do to get to 1000 different IP addresses.

    :) Love the bed skirt. I'll be copying that soon, you can bet your bottom dollar.

  2. Great idea!! I'm thinking of adapting this to decorate a table for my daughter's princess party.

    I recently came across your blog and just lOVE it! You are crafty, creative, open, and most importantly HILARIOUS! I have coffee with your blog every morning. Keep it up .. thanks!

  3. That is super cute!! Much better than spending $179 on it!

  4. I just love that...IF I ever have a little girl, I am totally doing that for the bedskirt on the crib...great job!

  5. I TOTALLY ADORE THIS IDEA! i'VE Never seen it before. i want to feature it at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com however, your blog won't let me copy a picture. Do you know why? I'll try again later.

  6. What in excellent idea! I just love that you made this for SO much less than the inspiration. Your blog is lovely. Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired.


  7. Got it! Featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com!

  8. What little girl wouldn't love this!
    Following you over from Shabby Chic Cottage!
    I am a follower!
    Please stop by!

  9. I love this! I saw that in the PB catalog, too, and thought it could easily be done for much less! I can't wait until my baby is in a big girl girl that I can make a tutu bedskirt for.

  10. My daughter would flip over this. I'm going to have to make one now. Really adorable!

  11. WoW! That is so cute! My daughter is still in a crib, but she's so getting one of these once she is older and in a big girl bed!

  12. I did one for a crib last year (a custom order on etsy) and it turned out so cute. I basically did it as you did, but sewed it to an old sheet. I like your idea!

  13. What a great idea! I have two little girls that would love this.

  14. I couldn't resist blogging this!! So cute!


  15. Sooo cute! I've made a tutu for my daughters using the same method, but NEVER thought to make a bed skirt! LOVE IT!

  16. Do you think Bucket would like a tutu on his bed once he is upgraded to a big boy bed? Maybe if I use boyish colors? HAHA, seriously, I guess I better get pregnant with a little girl so I can make her one of these ASAP!!! Thanks for linking up to my party!!!


  17. Cruising thru blog land and bumped into your site from McLinky on It's so very cheri- I am looking into doing something similar in a few weeks when my daughter's loft bed arrives. I want to make an fancy 'door' or tent feel and this really helps me sort out some thoughts and any help in that category is appreciated. (You are a funny lady, I love your honesty and humor- )

  18. this is adorable & thanks for the how to...if i let my daughter see this she is going to have to have one :)

  19. This is pretty neat! Thanks for the instructions. I will send your link to my stepdaughter who might be interested for her daughter...Christine

  20. This is brilliant! My daughter would love this! Wait...okay...I'll be honest...she's only 16 months...(I would LOVE this for MY daughter).

  21. You are too cool for me!!! i love this. You did another great job. I love her room...

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craf on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party.


    Oh, I'm following you!!!

  22. Exactly what I've been looking for! Thanks!

  23. TOO CUTE!! Great job!! The bedskirt turned out LOVELY!! Thank you for the great step by steps as well.

    Kudos to you for honoring your sweet little girl's wishes to entertain the kitty kitties.
    The things we do for our children!! ;)

  24. Can I please please see more pics of that adorable room??? I am wanting to redo my daughters.

  25. I love this! I saw that tulle bed skirt and loved it too, but there's no way I'd spend that kind of money on a bed skirt. How cool that you made your own! I've made a few tutus with the same knotting on elastic method.

  26. This is darling! I have a 5 year old who would go crazy for this! I loved your tutorial! Very real-I would have said get out your glue gun or liquid stitch! (if you haven't used this-you really should-permanent hold on fabric-as easy as elmers glues-you can even wash stuff with this) Anyway-great post and you crack meup!
    IF you have a minute-please stop by and say hello! Have a happy day!

  27. THIS Is ADORABLE! I'm going to show my sister, my little neice GRACIE will just go crazy for it! Her bed could have a TUTU just like she does in her recital! I LOVE it! You've got a new follower too! I'm glad I came her from my frugal family! Robyn from Whimages!

  28. I love it! That is a such a sweet idea for a little girl. Congrats on all of your hits. Isn't it fun to see those climb. I also love your "boy" picture on the side bar. I have two toddler boys and I have got to steal that look for them.

  29. I have been drooling over that PBK bed skirt for my daughter's bed for a long time. She is going to be THRILLED to have a tutu on her bed. :) Now I just need to dig out all that leftover tulle I have...

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  30. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  31. SO adorable!!!
    May or may not need to do this ASAP in Sophie's room :)

  32. This is so adorable! Such a lovely girly idea!! :) My daughter would LOVE this. But she has drawers under her bed, so I think we'll have to keep it filed away for girl #2 ;) I would love it if you added this post to this week's Sharing Time Link Party!!
    Hope you have a lovely week!

  33. Wowo! That is so awesome! You did an amazing job girl!

  34. I found you through Google:) I am making a quilt for my daughters new big girl bed and saw this idea on the PB website:) Thanks so much for the great tutorial! I will be linking up from my blog when I make it:)

  35. Love this! I am obsessed with the PB version simply because of the nice, neat ribbon on the bottom. However, we'd need the $200 version (or close to it) also and I will NEVER spend that much on a bed skirt. I plan on spending less than that for all of her sheets, pillows, etc. Thanks for showing how to do this - I did the same loop/knot technique for her tutus. I'll have to do this on a future project before testing it on the larger bed that she'll eventually have.

  36. So great! We are planning a bedroom redo for my almost 3 year old and it is going to be a ballerina room so this will be so perfect!

    Thanks for sharing.

  37. Love this idea and just might have to do it when we re-do our little girl's room! I would also love to know where you got your bedspread. It's exactly what I've been looking for!

  38. Now that is a great idea..I need to cover up hard edges, love the tutu idea and the easiness. Thanks so much for the inspirations.


  39. This is AWESOME. I have a 3/4 bed so I can never find fitted sheets that fit my daughters bed. This makes me almost want to custom make a sheet just so I can do this project!!

  40. Hi, I am a new blogger and just came over to your blog from Uglyducklingtransfomations.
    I know I a, two years late to coment on this bed but I LOVE IT!!! This is the best idea yet!!! I have a freind that is planning her 6-year old daughter bedroom makeover and I will make this bedskirt for her!!!
    Thank you so much! Your newest follower!

  41. beautiful. i am now super tempted to make a tutu for my bed. i do have a bright pink room ha (no fault of my own but i love it). thanks for the inspiration. new follower here!! www.heartandthrift.co

  42. Is it sad that I am going to make one for my college bed? So cute!!



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