Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Goodies

This coming May, my husband was going to spend time with his beautiful cousins in Las Vegas.
I said that I couldn't find a babysitter so that I could stay home during that weekend and surprise him with a newly decorated master bedroom.
(It's ugly and we have never cared because no one sees it. Ever.)
His birthday is 10 days after the Las Vegas trip, so the timing was perfect for a surprise.
Then one of his cousins said he was going to get everyone hooked up with bottle service at XS.
Umm...hi? Vegas? I'll see you in May.
I {heart} Vegas more than anyone I know.
I am very sure I lived and worked there in a past life.
If I believed in that sort of thing.
So, my surprise master bedroom re-do had to be switched to a different weekend.
Next week is a week I loathe.
Tuesday marks the 4 year anniversary of the worst day of my life.
And Wednesday is Riley's 4th birthday.
You will read about those days next week.
Bottom line: I need a stay-busy project.
So, this is the weekend.
It will be done just in time to curl up in my beautiful new room and bawl my eyes out.
I have been on the hunt for some new master bedroom goodies.
Want to see a small handful of my new treasures?

1. Mug from local thrift store- 95 cents.
2. Bowl from Goodwill- $1.99.
3. Astrology book (1948-funny stuff) from yard sale- 50 cents.
4. Your Home and You book (1947) from yard sale- 50 cents.
5. Bird-shaped planter from yard sale- $1.00.
6. Old Avon perfume bottle from yard sale- 50 cents.
7. Jar of vintage buttons from yard sale- $1.00.
8. Vintage roller skate from swap meet- $4.00.
9. Platter from WalMart- $1.00.
10. Mirror from swap meet- $1.00.
11. Picture frame from local thrift store- $2.92.
12.Picture frame from Goodwill- $2.99.
13. Coat hook from Goodwill- $1.99.

I have also been collecting random free items from Craigslist in hopes to refinish them.
Those goodies sit on my front porch.
Hubby knows about my plans for this weekend.
I have cooked up a stay-busy project for him, too.
You can read all about what we've been up to next week. 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with everything! And I wished you lived closer so we could be blog and Goodwill buddies :) Sending you a lot of love before next week...totally know what you mean about "keeping busy" projects!

  2. Oh, you don't even KNOW how happy all these finds make me--I love some good vintage!!
    Email me your deets!



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